Beware! This post will cause things to rot and smell and become slimy. That means spoilers ahead!

A demon king – Anos Voldigoad – from thousands of years ago reincarnates. I guess he got bored of being an all-powerful demon destroying everything – and even killing off the gods themselves. So decides to reincarnate later as a high school student. This new incarnation is not focused on destruction but his game really hasn’t been revealed yet. I think he just loves his family.

Hmm… Voldigoad… Voldemort… Wonder if they are related? A lot of immigrants changed the spelling of their names when they arrive.

A school has been set up for his demon descendants. It is the time foretold in prophecy that the Demon King will be resurrected and they are now trying to figure out which of his descendants it is.

The testing of potential entrants has begun and our MC wants to attend. On his way to the testing, he meets a very kawaii and moe girl, Misha Necron, by picking up a letter an obnoxious demon had knocked out of her hand. Misha is a kuudere but friendly and not at all icy. I like how her hair ribbons resemble horns. They are now friends because of this kindness. They even go to visit his family.

She looks suspiciously like Mamako

That’s an interesting family. They are absolutely mad about their son, despite the fact it only took him one month to grow up. Their excitement about him bringing a girl home is adorable!

We aren’t sure why the Demon King wants to attend this school. He is so powerful he could simply announce that he’s back and blow away anyone who objects. Magic has gotten pretty thin since he left the scene and the Tyrannical Demon King is not impressed. Seems he has been reincarnated with full memories of his past as well as full power. He shatters the crystal they use to judge power levels.

ZEPESA “noble” demon student by the name of Zepes – who claims the Demon King as his direct ancestor – doesn’t appreciate this upstart. It does not go well. Not having learned his lesson, he brings in big bro to attack our hero. Neither of the two noble demons believes the assertion that he is the reincarnated Demon King.

Big bro kills his younger brother for being a weakling. He is then effortlessly crushed as the Demon King lectures him on other girlhow important family is.

Voldigoad then resurrects his impertinent relations and suggests they come back again after they’ve powered up. He is really a very kind person who gives you lots of chances to behave decently. If you refuse he will simply kill you and bring you back repeatedly until you have learned your lesson.

They still don’t seem to have accepted who this upstart really is.

But wait! The ED suggests another female will soon enter the picture.

The students all wear insignia on their shoulders indicating how powerful they are. The Demon King’s simply indicates “misfit.” And that gives us the title of the anime. Feels a lot like they derived the title from “The Irregular at Magic High School.”

So far I am not overly impressed with the animation. Moments of coolness here and there but a lot of it looks pretty simple. If they keep up this “nobody believes he’s the Demon King” plot for long, it will start to irritate me. He is already so powerful that it will difficult to gin up an adequate opponent. I don’t sense the kind of creativity I saw in “Overlord.”

It could still be fun. I’ll watch a few more before I make up my mind.