Wow! I have 300 posts.

Actually, 301 if I count this one. Actually, probably closer to 350 if I count the posts I’ve withdrawn after publication. Actually, probably a thousand posts if I include the ones I started and then deleted before publishing.

I’ve also got 276 followers. I am accumulating posts slightly faster than new followers. I am getting up close to 10,000 visitors. I haven’t exactly been working on my Search Engine Optimization. I’m lazy and numbers aren’t my big priority


To this day, my most popular post is Get Naked – Go Hiking which was originally posted 2 years ago and then updated a year ago. It has consistently scored the highest number of views ever since the day I posted it. Even today it scored more views than any other except my most recent post. Other posts, including other nudie posts, have fallen by the wayside but this one is the gift that keeps giving. It has also gotten 27 likes – the most of any post I’ve ever written – and over 1700 views, far more than any other.

Begin spoilers!

Grisaia Phantom TriggerI just noticed a new anime in MAL… Grisaia: Phantom Trigger – The Animation Stargazer, that will be starting in November. It automatically made me think of The Fruit of Grisaia, Requiem for the Phantom, World Trigger, Aria: The Animation, and Astronomy in Love, in that order. Can you imagine what a crossover that would be?

Right now I am watching Dos Equis… sorry Dokyuu HxEros. (I was thinking about my beer.) I’m also watching Misfit of Demon King Academy, Re: Zero, Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, and Railgun T.

So far nothing has really changed with HxEros. Retto and Hoshino get their clothes blown into nothingness after they zap a bug and they have to hide scrunched up tightly together in a car as people look for the monster. Life at the HxEros house is calculated to drive Retto’s testosterone levels thru the roof but he seems to be taking the situation in stride.

And there is a tiny touch of yuri in episode 3.

Although it seems the smaller insectoid monsters aren’t trying to suck all the erotic energy out of you. They just want to steal girls’ panties. And Momoka is fixated on her imagined inferior breast size while Hoshino can’t quite embrace the whole “Eros” thing.

The normal results of fighting insectoid, libido sucking monsters.

Demon King has picked up Sasha, the golden-haired sister of Misha Necron, the platinum

Just trying to jog an Elder Demon Emperor’s memory.

blonde of the first episode for the third member of his team. Whether it will be a harem or a triangle or something else is too soon to know. Sasha and the family have been treating Misha as something less than a person. Sasha faked reconciliation with Misha and friendship with Anos to win the dungeon contest – or at least she’s trying to. The Demon King probably has other plans.

Apparently, Misha is going to “disappear” when she turns 15 because she really “doesn’t exist” and Sasha is like super-tsundere to her.  My guess is it is a front to keep from being emotionally involved with a twin that will soon die.

Someone has played with history and people’s memory to change the Demon King’s remembered name to Avos Dilhevia. Can’t say as I blame them. “Anos” is a really sucky name.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is anything but. Nothing comedic at all, just episodes of teen angst and family drama. This isn’t the show I fell in love with. I hope they find some humor or they’ll have to rename it Teen Romantic Soap Opera SNAFU.

Doesn’t look like a spiny anteater to me.

Re: Zero is off to a good start. Even if you hate Natsuki, everyone loves Rem. Even the people who don’t remember her. You know all the main characters will go berserk to bring her back.

Echidna is an interesting addition. I’m not sure she qualifies as a villain even. Unlike the Archbishop of Gluttony, who we all now hate. There’s some really odd name selection going on here. Is the name “Echidna” supposed to tell us something about the character or did they just pick it to sound weird?

An Echidna is a monotreme, an egg-laying mammal that eats ants and other insects. Its fur contains long spines but unlike a porcupine, they do not have barbs and are purely a barrier, not a weapon. There are 4 different species of echidna. The only other monotreme is the duckbilled platypus.


OTOH, Echidna in Greek Mythology is a half woman-half snake who is the “mother of all monsters. She’s married to Typhon, a giant serpentine being who fought Zeus and barely lost to his thunderbolts. They had many monstrous children together including Hydra and the Sphinx.Echidna“By Gabriele Delhey – File:Bomarzo_Park_Sirene.JPG, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Where have I heard the Seven Deadly Sins used to refer to a collection of villains before? And where have I heard “authority” used to describe a general kind of power before? The OVA, “Frozen Bonds” just needed Emilia to break out into a rousing show tune and it could have been a Disney flick.

Re:Zero is still good but they need to come up with new tropes.

Railgun T is slightly past the halfway mark and limping along due to COVID issues with almost 2 months between episodes 15 and 16. We’re getting deeper into the origins of the “sisters” and the dark underside of Academy City. I was really hoping a bit of all that extra power would “stick” to Misaka, maybe put her in the same level as Accelerator. So far she has not been treated like a genuine hero, capable of standing up to the greatest of

Dolly, the cloned ewe.

opponents. This time she was just a victim to be rescued by the magic nullifying hand of Touma.

The first Misaka clone was named Dolly, apparently in honor of a sheep named Dolly, the first mammalian clone back in 1996. Dolly was cloned from a mammary gland cell. Even though she had two lambs she only lived to half of her normal life expectancy

Oh yeah. Tenchi Muyo has gone nowhere. They may – or may not – be planning a “Paradise Planet” arc or somesuch but producing two episodes over 5 months is more than a little lame, even these days. I am tired of endless talking and characters I have to keep looking up in order to remember who they are. I guess it is just “fan service” for the people who read the Brolynovel?

I did get to watch the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie on television and it was fun. Endless screaming and mountains getting blasted by impacts and yellow and blue-haired Super Sayans. Goku is still an idiot, Freiza should have stayed dead, Broly’s father was an abusive bastard, and Vegeta is still obnoxiously prideful.

Last but not least, I binged Resonance in Terror. That show is interesting enough to deserve its own blog post. It asks some important questions for an age where terrorism isrampant and government is amoral.

Zankyu no Terror