There have been a few good Demon Lord anime of late. Overlord, Misfit of Demon Acadamy, and That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime.  (I consider Slime to be a top demon lord anime.) I read Irina’s post about “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” and having voiced my doubts, decided to view it anyhow. There are spoilers below.

Takuma Sakamoto gets isekaied into a world very similar to the MMORPG that he rules, Cross Reverie. He keeps his formidable powers. But though he keeps his otaku-ness and maybe even aspie-ness, he gets to act like the demon lord he played in the game.

Sheri – left. Rem – right.

He is woken up by Sheri Greenwood a very large breasted elf girl and Rem Galleu, a modestly breasted “pantherian” girl. Cue neurosis over breast size. Seems they did a summons and he showed up. Their attempt to enslave him with a collar reflected off him and back onto them. They are now technically his slaves even though he doesn’t take advantage of it.

So far the boob fetish has been just for laughs but then, I find those kinds of laughs more infantile than funny. I feel a harem coming on.

Now, the relative ages could be considered problematic. Being short and slender does not make you a loli – just ask Taiga Aisaka. But there are genuine lolis here and they are intentionally sexualized. Takuma is 30. Sheri is 16 and Rem is supposed to be 14 but it is easy to assume they are all similar ages if you don’t look up the wiki. Their “canonical” age is just an abstract number and behavioral clues are vague. For what I see, the three could all be 20. Nothing terribly perverse here if you make up the ages as you go along.

Nothing upsetting about this…

The canonical head of the adventurer’s guild, Sylvie, is supposedly 12 and barely beginning puberty.  At least she doesn’t act like she’s 12. She gets him drunk and then he uses her as a body pillow. The version I was watching had comments scrolling. It was pretty obvious that she was a major object of sexual fantasy. You can rewrite the script in your head that she’s really older and that’s just what rabbit-girls look like, but c’mon.

I think she’s a great character. I think making her Diablo’s loli pillow was stupid.

Don’t tell me that a powerful drunken male climbing all over a trapped and unwilling young female isn’t problematic. Being drunk is no excuse, even if he does give her orgasms. That is rape-ish.


The slave thing isn’t a slave thing. It is there as a kind of fan service for people into that variety of fetish. Nobody is being enslaved, it’s just magic that backfired and put collars on the two girls who cast the spell instead of the target, the Demon Lord Diablo. Everyone wants to get them off. None of the three characters consider the slave thing real.

Exactly what market segment is this for?

The ladies in this show seem to be able to achieve orgasm just by having their nipples rubbed. That’s fine. For a small number of women that’s even true. 😉 But coerced scratching behind the ears?

Truly problematic is Klem in this regard. She is obviously much younger than even Sylvie. Looks to be 10, if I had to guess. That’s not just underage sex. Klem is a pedophile fantasy writ large. You don’t need to read the wiki to know her age and it is impossible to rewrite the script in your head to keep her age-appropriate. You just have to let that particular hentai slide.

I was once the daddy of a little girl and I’ve been a substitute teacher. If you have ever been responsible for real children it cannot help but make you wonder about the culture that considers this just lighthearted fun. It is loli hentai, just without explicit anatomy. They are lucky that social conservatives don’t watch this stuff or there’d be bills before Congress to ban it.

A 4 headed hydra, a corrupt military commander, and a Demon Lord.

Yeah, there is a plot. The real plot begins about halfway through and it is interesting once it gets started.  Titanic battles with armies of monsters, powerful warriors, megamonsters, and a real Demon Lord. The relationship between Diablo and the two main girls is interesting and all the nakedness is really just silliness.

Celestine, a woman I wanted more of in the show.

A classic example of how massive amounts of fan service got in the way of a potentially good anime. Without all the focus on the “it’s not sex but it’s sort of sex” and “he’s molesting her but it is OK for… reasons” they could have included an awful lot of plot and character development. Or jokes that were really funny.  I guess naked girls are easier and cheaper for production.

I wouldn’t remove all the fan service… Damn!

It didn’t have to be this way. The writers could have made the characters any canonical age they wanted. They didn’t have to have him “accidentally” molest anyone. What market segment are they aiming for by including an obvious loli in his sexual harem? (Japan has a particularly bad record on this.) To the extent that anime serves as an outlet for forbidden desires that doesn’t hurt a real person, I suppose this is OK.

I’m not saying that if you enjoyed this anime you’re a pervert.  It was a fun anime but for me to enjoy it I had to tweak the script in my head and flat out ignore some of the squick factor. I don’t take it literally. From my POV, it is lights flashing on a monitor so the plot can go wherever it goes as long as it is interesting. It just could have been so much better.