mayonnaiseSpoiler alert! Just not very big spoilers.

First, let me say I just watched Episode 29 from Re: Zero. It was an intense episode. He confronts his past in which he feels useless and a failure. And manages to rewrite the script – at least in his own head – how he wished it had been at the end. Perhaps how the Subaru of the present would have responded differently from the Subaru of then. After all, he now has someone beyond just his parents who he loves and another who loves him and this puts meaning back into his life. He can exist as just Subaru for them instead of trying to live up to being his father’s son.

During the flashback, visions of Rem and Emilia appear to help him through. Rem flat out states she loves him and suggests they start out again before the first step, at zero. I don’t know how the manga goes but It would be cool if Subaru grew beyond his infatuation with Emilia and chose Rem. Pretty obvious that while ‘Lia cares for him very deeply, it isn’t romantic love. More like how ‘lil sister loves big bro who dotes over her.

EchidnaEchidna shows up as the one who may have facilitated this. Or she may have just been waiting at the other end of his trial. At least the good Echidna. The final scene of the ED suggests there’s a bad Echidna too.

You can’t fix the past that way. But maybe you can fix your feelings towards the past with understanding. Subaru is the most fortunate boy in the world for having that chance. His past is discontinuous from his present. The assertion of the unavoidable present prevents any such rewriting of the script for me. The discontinuity creates too much cognitive dissonance. It is something I struggle with daily.

2020-07-29_0-02-51I just watched Made in Abyss Movie 3: Fukaki Tamashii no Reimei. It is epic!

No apologies here. It turned out that I was watching a pirated copy on after VPNing in thru Singapore. I didn’t realize they were a pirate site until it became pretty obvious someone had recorded it off a movie screen.

Having started, I figured I might as well finish. The studio won’t lose any money off me. When it finally does reach the movie houses in America wife, and I and anyone else I can convince will have a viewing party. I cannot wait to see this on a big screen!

This movie was adapted from volume 4 and 5 of the manga. It picks up right at the end of the series. Or the second movie if that’s how you watched it. There is some seriously good animation here. Sentai and Kadokawa outdid themselves.bondrewd

Reg and Rico descend to the 5th layer and the Sea of Corpses with their new furry female friend Nanachi. They meet Bondrewd, the one who turned Nanachi into a furry and Mitty into a… thing.

Bondrewd is a monster. He’s as evil and as insane as any other fictional villain you’ve ever met. Vaderesque. Powerful way beyond anything Rico and Reg have ever seen and with a connection with Nanachi she can’t quite shake. The horror he has perpetrated on innocent children is unmatched, worse than the Nazi death camps.

And he is immortal. And apparently kind and sensitive and loving. Not going to spoil it beyond this except to say… it is also tragic. You’ll be screaming “NO!” more than once. You will be shaken. It gets intense.

No screenshots. You’ll just have to wait for the movie to hit American cinema or for Netflix to pick it up. These images are from official sources. It was supposed to release for general US distribution via Fathom Events on April 15, tax day. But then COVID-19 shut the theaters down.

Maybe they’ll release it on cable? It doesn’t look like theaters will be a good bet this year but there are noises being made about December of 2020. I’ll happily pay to watch it again on the big screen.