Gal and Dino is supposed to be a funny, low budget anime about a very stylish girl who gets drunk and brings a small dinosaur home with her. Dino soon learns to become stylish himself. Neither would be welcome around the Amamizukan rooming house.

It is a weird combination of regular animation, stop-action animation and live-action.

Trying to watch this on Funimation but all I’m getting is this:


I have been trying for 2 days now. And now I am feeling like this:

This is what I’m missing out on:

Now, I can go pirate. But I don’t want to. Funimation has failed me again. Many of the other Funimation anime I’m trying to watch have spent more time clocking than the actual length of the video but usually there’s another legal source I can try. I still have months to go on my subscription but I doubt they’ll be handing out refunds.

It is p*ssing me off.