The featured image for this post was created by the National Park Service for its visitors. Now, many of the parks in my neck of the woods are insanely hot this time of year but there are still places with enough elevation, where the daytime highs will be tolerable, so it isn’t completely unrealistic to go for a visit. You can always find locations that are underutilized.

The point of this post is that it is possible to explore the out-of-doors and be completely safe about it. Keeping the 6 ft. of distance is really easy when you are in the wild. Wear a mask for close encounters with others. Step well off the trail to allow people to pass even if they don’t reciprocate. Wash hands after touching shared public surfaces. Even in the most crowded campgrounds, I never needed to get within 6 feet of a stranger.

The places I choose to go to, there isn’t often another person in sight. That makes for good nude hiking!

The sun is a marvelous disinfectant, killing 90% of COVID-19 virus in 7 minutes. The open air dilutes virus levels to safe levels almost immediately. Bring food along with you so there’s no need to eat out. I use doggy do-do bags as gloves when I gas up my car. Hand sanitizer or soap and water for when the bags aren’t practical.

Behave sensibly and prudently on the trail. This is not the time to have search and rescue save your sorry butt. And stay local. There should be bo need for motel rooms in strange towns.

Get out of that house and enjoy the great outdoors in a responsible manner. Protecting your mental health is as important as your physical health and you can do it without additional risk to you and yours.