When I hear people claiming we’re in crisis and civilization – if not all humanity – is about to go to hell and the world is going to end and yada yada yada… I can’t help but laugh. I cannot take them seriously. Compared to what we have lived with, COVID and climate change and modern China and Russia are small potatoes.

This is what I grew up with:

Yup. Even in rural northern Michigan in the 60s we had duck and cover drills. A Strategic Air Command base about 50 straight line miles away. Nuclear war was an ever-present possibility.

Consider the implications of teaching children that civilization might end at any moment and they have to be prepared at any minute to protect themselves against a horrific death. Yet except for a few of the more extreme survivalist types, we simply carried on without high levels of anxiety. Today’s global stressors seem, at least to me, trivial in comparison.