This place feels strangely familiar.

I was nominated for this by The Unpopular Poplar. Thank you tree person! I’ve been feeling down lately and this cheered me up.

The rulz!

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What’s the most interesting thing that anime has taught you?

I don’t think anime has taught me anything. OTOH, I’ve learned a lot from the wonderful people I’ve met online since I started blogging.

Surprise! You are now famous. What are you famous for?

I did have a one-man show planned for the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It was going to be about a nude aging aspie guy who was all alone and looking for some kind of reason to continue living. COVID-19 put an end to that show, possibly permanently. But it would be cool if it really happened and became famous. Maybe a cult classic.

Which anime character is most like you?

If you could imagine Hikki from “Teenage Romance Snafu” only aged and a lot worse for the wear.

You have been kidnapped by a powerful criminal organisation. The main protagonist of the last anime you watched is the one who must come to your rescue. Would you ever be rescued, or are you doomed?

I’m doomed. I’ve been watching a marvelous short anime by Makoto Shinkai called “She and Her Cat.” It is a very old cat. Not much hope there.

She and Her Cat

If you could only watch one genre of anime for the rest of your life, what genre would you choose?

Slice of life. Any other genre can be cast as a slice of life within that universe.

Choose your superpower (you knew this one was coming!)

If I could have any superpower it would be the ability to read minds when I wanted to. Most of the time I really have no clue what other people are really thinking or what they really mean or want. Often my reactions don’t match up with what is called for and prove that I am clueless. If I could toss in the ability to give them an idea of what I’m all about, that would be most excellent!

Give us one fun fact about you that most people wouldn’t know.

I have literally revealed everything there is to know about me somewhere on this blog – though probably nobody but me has read all 300+ posts. All my secrets – and everything else 😉 – have been laid “bare.”

Fun facts are in short supply as I’m not feeling much fun lately. How about this from my blog?

All my views for my blog from the very beginning and all the countries that have checked me out. Those with more than 250 views are listed. Some of the places have blown me away. Who’d a thunk I got views from Somalia and Afghanistan?

You can invite one anime character to dinner (I’ll let you decide if it’s a date or not). Who do you invite? Where do you decide to eat? What do you talk about?

If it were a date my wife might be jealous. Worse yet, she might decide I was such a clod she had nothing to worry about. Heavy sigh!

I’d probably invite Kino from “Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World.” There is a Route 66 themed restaurant nearby with a lot of road memorabilia. We’d talk about her travels, of course. Maybe a few of mine but being an anime character hers will be much more interesting.

If you could own any creature from any anime/game/etc as an IRL pet, what pet would you choose?

There’s a mischievous side of me that would go for Kyubey from “Madoka Magika.” But though I love do cats I am a dog person at heart. Probably Clifford the Big Red Dog.

If you could solve any one problem in this world, what would it be?

If everyone understood that what binds us together as human beings is more important than what divides us in politics or religion or economics or gender or race or etc., that would pretty much solve every problem there is.

Would you rather: A) eat only your top three favourite foods for the rest of your life; or B) Eat anything except your top three favourite foods for the rest of your life?

Eating my top three foods would lead to nutritional imbalance and extreme obesity. Not eating my top three foods would make life less worth living. What is the meaning of life without pizza? A conundrum, eh?

Eleven more questions and eleven more tags…

I’ve done this a couple times before and I hate to retag people I’ve already hit. So I’m gonna pass on this for now.