So, what am I watching? This has been a slow season. Fall is going to be slow as well. It tried some Card Captor Sakura but I swear it was so sweet I was getting toothaches. Maybe I’ll finish later.

They managed to sneak a nude lady in there…

  • Honobono Log

This is a short slice of life showing ordinary vignettes in the lives of several different couples at different stages in their relationships. It is based on an illustration book by Fukamachi Naka and was directed by Matsui Kumi. The animation is simple and crisp. It has such depth and honesty about relationships you’d think it was a much longer show. Each short had its own charm and the moments rang true. I’ve had some of these moments myself.

honobono log

This brings up another anime that is a series of engaging shorts about a couple getting together, “A Day Before Us.”

a day before us

  • YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bounds of this World

Funimation keeps messing me up on this one. It’s taken me 3 weeks to see three episodes. Forget Yu-No!  Am I the only one who thinks the protagonist’s mother is the hottest female in the show? The main problem here is (IMHO) that the dub is really sub-par and the first season doesn’t have a subbed version.

That’s a very sexy lady.
  • Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

This season has lost a lot of its charm. There’s a lot of relationship drama but not a lot of comedy. Now they are trying to put together a prom. Certain members of the PTA think that’s too radical. Hikki uses his brilliant understanding of human nature to cook up his own devious plot. The rap skit in episode 7 wasn’t too bad.


In season 3 I don’t believe I’ve seen Saika yet. I miss him.

  • Misfit of Demon King Academy

Obviously, another anime in the Demon Lord or Super Overpowered Isekai Character genre. The Demon King of Tyranny decides that peace is the right path and lets himself get killed to accomplish this. Millenia later he is reincarnated and tries to reclaim his position but while he was gone someone tampered with history to create a different name for the Demon Lord so it will be a bit of work. And the pretender keeps sticking things into people’s heads to control them.

Along the way, he accumulates quite a harem. I’m actually kind of enjoying this one. It is empty-headed entertainment.

Anos’ parents are really behind him
  • Aggretsuko

A Netflix original. Retsuko is a young woman working in an accounting firm. She is overworked, underpaid, and harassed by her bosses. After work she takes out her anger in karaoke joints, screaming her frustration out to Death Metal. (Aggretsuko is a combination of aggressive and Retsuko.) There are three seasons and it is still running.

This isn’t a one-trick pony though. Over time you see a lot of character development in her co-workers, including her superiors and coworkers you initially get negative impressions of. You see that they are all just people trying to make it in the world while struggling with their own issues. You also see how she contributes to her own difficulties.

Letting off steam.

The characters are all drawn as animals that reflect their personalities. Retsuko is a red panda. The chauvinist pig of a boss is a pig. The backstabbing brown noser is a weasel. Etc.

  • Scientific Railgun T

The first arc was a disappointment. Misaka never really confronts a serious bad guy. Instead, she ends up being helpless until she’s rescued by the anti-magic hand of Touma. Now we have a new arc looking for magical tweezers in weird mind-altering “Indian Poker” cards. So far she’s just a minor character in it. But there was a fairly complex battle between a couple of assassins and that was very interesting.

Railgun T

  • Please tell me! – Galko-chan

Ok, so Galko-chan is a tall, large-busted gyaru. She’s pretty shy about the topic but her older sister is quite active sexually. Her bestie is a short flat girl with freckles, Otako, who sometimes makes lewd jokes at Galko-chan’s expense. And there’s a third girl, Ojou, one who is really pretty, has a svelte build and also works as a hand model. She’s great at academics but a social airhead. The show focuses on questions like: Are areolas strictly proportional to breast size? If you have long fingernails do you use a glove to masturbate? All girly stuff.+ It is actually pretty funny at times.

Other characters in their class get a surprising amount of time given that this is a shorter slice of life anime. Lots of life packed into small bundles. The names aren’t their real names, just nicknames.


  • She and Her Cat

Makoto Shinkai at his best. Four short episodes about a young woman who is estranged from her mother and trying to make it on her own as told from her cat’s perspective. Shinkai voiced the cat. Much better done than “My Roommate is a Cat,” IMHO. Only 4 short episodes and more goodness in it than most 13 episode seasonals.


It reminds me of another great short by Shinkai about a father’s love for his daughter, “Dareka no Manizashi”, aka “Someone’s Gaze”

If I were to pick the best of all these shows, I’d go with this: “She and Her Cat,” “Someone’s Gaze,” and “Honobono Log.” But YMMV! All of these are available thru one legal channel or another.