Labor Day is one of the holidays that don’t sell a lot of merchandise. When I was a kid it was the back-to-school holiday since school always started the Tuesday after. Now that schools have moved their startups to August and many have gone to a year-round schedule, Labor Day has lost a bit of commercial viability.

It still has some pop. A lot of Americans – and most of the Americans with money – have the day off. That means BBQ supplies, recreational gear, and food and vacation rentals. COVID-19 has really cut into that this year.

In my experience, the last major heat-wave of the year usually happens around Labor Day. This year we’ve got one in spades.

WP in their infinite wisdom seems to have taken away the editor I’ve used for 4 years now and the only editor I have ever used. (Stupid me to assume that this was the “classic” editor, right?) There is supposedly a way to add the classic editor back thru the WP administration page. I did manage to find the plugin and it is installed and active. I went into writing preferences and set it to use classic only.  But this is not the editor that used to automatically come up when I went to edit something. It is just the “minimalist” little editor that has always come up from the dashboard.

Applicable defintions of classic:

  • adj.
    Belonging to the highest rank or class.
  • adj.
    Serving as the established model or standard.

This does not fit either editor I am left with.

This is what I am supposed to see in the admin pages window:

This is what I actually see:

Plug-in is installed and active and might as well not exist. FAIL for the plugin.

I have to believe that with all the love for the previous not-classic editor, the block editor is really here to make things easier for WP in some way. Certainly not for established users. Gutenberg is almost universally panned.

On edit:

I just contacted WP tech support and according to them the editor I’ve been using for the last 3 years is not the “classic editor” and has been retired permanently. The “classic” editor in their view is that PITA editor from the WP admin page. Way to go WP. You threw away something everyone used and replaced it with inferior and inferior.