This morning the sunrise was a lovely pink. By mid-day it had worked its way up to a yellowish-orange. At 5 pm it was no longer visible.

It is said that nuclear war will introduce so much smoke and soot into the atmosphere that it will cause the temperature to drop several degrees. Well, that’s exactly what we had today. The weather report even took it into account. It got up to 82 degrees today. Without the smoke it would likely have been 95-100F which is what it is expected to be later this week when the haze thins out.

I can see this being a real advantage here. There’s absolutely no need for sunscreen for even the palest person. There’d be an immense reduction to electric bills due to little or no air conditioning being needed. A lot less water needed for drinking and irrigation. Cars won’t become insanely hot while parked. The same smoke that blocks the sun from heating us up during the day will hold in the heat at night.

The smoke is really high up (upper troposphere), so it doesn’t pose as much of a threat to one’s lungs as it might. You can still vaguely smell it, though. The lack of full bodied sunlight has gotten depressing. If we ever had any moisture out here the particles could serve as condensation nuclei and it would rain out. But we don’t so we’ll have to wait for the wind to carry them elsewhere