23 and Me was where I found my biological family. Almost all of them live in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. One of my relatives who has a love of such things has traced the family tree all the way back to George Soule of the Mayflower pilgrims.

Doesn’t this also mean I have 77% less than other customers? Odd way of putting it.

Apparently my genetic line also includes Marie Antionette and Alexander Hamilton.

I also have a free account at Ancestry DNA. They used my biological family to find out where my family originated in Europe. (That’s in the featured image.) I’m not sure how far back this goes. Obviously not all the way to Africa. We are all Africans with various modifications evolved to fit specific environments.

This is what I found from 23 and Me:

This is how I got out of Africa.

This is for the genes on my Y chromosome. The X chromosome wasn’t nearly as interesting.