It isn’t so horrible once you get used to it. But it has serious problems.

For the love of God, can someone tell me an easy way to get the image block to come up permanently as a default selection? Let’s say I want to insert an image. I hit the stupid black plus sign to the right of the block and this comes up:

Do you see “image” anywhere in there? I don’t. “Image” has to be the most common block anyone uses other than text and text doesn’t require anything but to click in the block and start typing. This would be true of a business site as well. Why the f*ck do I have to go looking for it? It just slows me down.

After I have searched for and selected “image” it now shows up in subsequent boxes when I click the black plus. It replaces the hart icon for donations. However, if I exit and reenter the editor, guess f*ing what? It is gone again.

But just now it forgot while I was still editing! If this is supposed to be my “most used icons” box it needs to remember.

Besides, why should I even have to open up a window every time to get at something I use multiple times in every post? I want the goddamn thing to be right there on the toolbar because I use it so much, where it used to be. So does every other blogger who uses the same block type over and over.

Since “paragraph” is what always comes up as the default block type after a return, it shouldn’t even be in the box. It wastes a space that could contain something useful.

Just now I tried to add a featured image by URL and the option isn’t there anymore? WTF? I can add an image by URL but not a featured image? So I have to save it to my desktop, then upload it. What a PITA!

Under certain circumstances, my cursor disappears. That vertical blinky line that tells me where I’m going to start typing? Gone. I click where I think the cursor ought to be to start typing. If the cursor is in the middle of a post, when I’m revising and I look away from it, I now need to read the post to see where I was. The cursor blink is supposed to be as an aid to draw your attention to it and losing the visible cursor completely is an annoyance.

And this gem is great! I start a new block or I click in an existing block and this pops up, obscuring the bottom line of the previous paragraph or the bottom segment of the graphic above it. Should the paragraph I am working on be near the top of the window it obscures the very paragraph I’m typing in.

There is a completely empty bar at the top of the screen it could be displayed in but… it… is… just… blank. Wasted space.

The separator below this isn’t just a graphic element. It is yet another graphic element that I use very often that has come to be difficult to access. Just like the “image” block type, you have to frigging search for it and there is no way I know of to keep it in the default box forever. Really, I should be able to put it on the top bar in the window to keep it handy.

Another good one. I put a properly formatted center justified caption under a picture. But when I preview (or publish) often it shows up as a regular left-justified line of text. Not always. Just often enough to drive me nuts.

Stupid things like this annoy the hell out of me. A new editor that most of us had no use for is foisted on us. And even then it is not yet ready for prime time. I did not pay them money to be a beta tester.

I may trust they will improve it but I do not trust them very far. I use it because it is the tool I have and better than going to Bloglovin and not blogging is worse than either of those options.