I really have neither patience nor respect for the lack of thought in the anti-vaccination community. These are people in delusion and denial.

There is a small population of people who should not be vaccinated. You know who you are because the doctor will have told you. People who are immunocompromised. The extremely young and very old. Or an extremely rare allergy to vaccine contents.

What frightens me the most are the large number of people who are primed to refuse any COVID-19 vaccine. This is on top of the usual suspects (anti-vaxers) who are simply being irrational and contrary for the sake of being contrary. Unless we can get up to a level of vaccination to establish herd immunity, the infants too young to be vaccinated, the immunocompromised, and the people who for whatever reason the vaccine doesn’t “take,” are all screwed. COVID-19 would then become a permanent fixture in our lives.

I don’t fancy spending the rest of my life in a mask and socially distancing.

No vaccine is 100% effective. Hiding behind that as an excuse to say they are ineffective is delusional. All vaccines can have side effects. Claiming that a bit of stiffness in the shoulder or even a mild fever are reasons to not vaccinate against a disease that could put you out of circulation for weeks (sometimes months) and maybe kill other people who couldn’t take the vaccine is delusional. It as selfish as driving drunk on a freeway.

If you were really worried about vaccine side effects, you’d watch people like me who’d be first in line to be vaccinated. There will be a hundred million of us, of all ages and conditions. If heads didn’t start exploding, it would be safe for you. Pretty simple test – but the anti-vaxers among us will find one bad reaction in a million and declare the risk of COVID-19 was too trivial to accept that minute chance. Have I mentioned already that they are delusional? And pig headed.

I imagine they aren’t too big on masks and social distancing. I don’t remember anywhere in the Bill of Rights an amendment protecting the right to spread infectious disease

And there the religious anti-vaxers. The Taliban thinks vaccination to be a plot by Westerners to decrease Muslim fertility. And there are those who think it is unnatural and therefore un-Godly. Or who simply mistrust science on general principle – rather like flat Earthers. No major religion opposes vaccination. Maybe the Amish have a case for their specific beliefs – but nothing in the Bible says anything about vaccinations. The concept didn’t exist back then.

Between 2010 and 2014, 358 children died from influenza. Most very early in life. Not from co-morbidity, not from secondary bacterial infection acquired as a result of the illness. They were just sensitive to the virus and died.

The rate of vaccination among children (6 months to 4 years – the most vulnerable population) ranged from 63% at the beginning to 74% in 2014. Yet 3/4 of the deaths occurred in children who were not vaccinated. Think about it.

And nobody ever became autistic because of thimerosal. People who believe that have not thought it through. Thimerosal has been in use since the 1930s and was completely discontinued in 2001 for children’s vaccinations. If there were a causal factor the autism rate would logically have dropped. It didn’t. The rate of diagnosed autism has continued to increase since then. It was removed in response to a hysteria that was generated by a crackpot who was looking to profit from being an expert witness in lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers.

All he did was to make the vaccinations slightly more expensive. Thimerosal was never used in single dose vaccine containers, only multi-dose bottles.

Wonder how many of those kids who died from preventable disease died because their parents couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t think?