A question was presented to me by multiple commenters on how to add special symbols. What used to be trivial in Visual editor becomes utterly obnoxious in Block editor.

There is a plug-in you can use. Except you have to have a business plan and host the site on your own server. Not available on wordpress.com. The online editor does not accept all those convenient plug-ins anymore. The rest of us mortals are restricted to having to enter HTML mode manually.

First we have to go to this web site and find the code we need.


Then we enter code editor. You get there by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner and going down to select code editor.

As the menu indicates you can also get there with a Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M. You get something like this.:

Look up the symbol you want on the Character Entity Reference Chart site linked to above. You will see the code you need for the copyright symbol is:

Click in the position where you want the symbol and type the ampersand code including the semicolon. “test ©” This will give you

test ©

when you return to standard block editor. If you need to use a symbol multiple times copy and paste it.

Once again by taking away functionality and adding nothing, WordPress seems determined to to mess with small bloggers who can’t possibly do their own hosting or afford a business site.

This is what a useful toolbar looks like and even the most rinky-dink forum provides it for ordinary posting. One would think that an application for creative blogging and small business would offer even more instead of burying items multiple clicks away or deleting them entirely.