In case you don’t know, Grammarly is an aftermarket grammar and spelling checker. Their spelling advice is usually spot-on. Most of my spelling errors are inaccurate keyboarding and I have noticed an increase in fat finger flubs as I get older. Sometimes I use the British spelling for a word and it gets all freaked out about it. “Rumour” instead of “rumor” for example.

The grammar checker is not my cup of tea. I sometimes intentionally use nonstandard sentence constructions. And sometimes I use British grammar. “The group are doing X” is a British construction that uses the plural “are” because a group is more than one person. “The group is doing X” is the American construction using the singular “is” because there is only one group.

I can set it to accept either American or British rules but no idea how to get it to accept both at the same time. They have also eliminated the option to enter new words in the spelling dictionary – used to have that. I suppose that’s what I get for using the free version.

They have serious grammar checking in the premium version. I don’t have the extra money lying around to buy the premium version of everything where it might be useful. I rather doubt my more subtle errors will be noticed anyhow.

Grammarly doesn’t just check my blog posts, it checks everything I do on both my computers. Over the course of the last week, I almost hit 30K words. If I were only good enough to get paid for that. Sometimes feels like a lot of wasted energy.

That “mastery” indicator is rather a backhanded way of saying things. I suppose saying that you’re better than 45% sounds nicer than saying you’re worse than 55%. I’m not sure what qualifies as a unique word but I guess I must enjoy them.

So, in other words, 25% of my text is as boring as watching paint dry. Not so sure of that 16% joyful rating. I am not generally a joyful writer. At least I have a small percentage of posts that at least sound informative to a robot.

One problem I have with Grammarly is that it does not consistently catch errors. Windows has its native spell checker and once in a while, it will point out errors that the other program misses.

And sometimes it just seems to fall asleep and I don’t get any errors or activity indicators or indication that anything was checked.

I guess that’s better than 2 million words a year.