OK guys. If I want to increase my viewership what kind of post should I be writing?

They all have about the same number of likes. I expect Moriarty will increase a little bit more. In my experience, most “likes” and “views” seem to happen in the first couple of days. I think that’s because they show up in the WordPress reader and that’s how most of my followers follow.

OTOH, look at “Aspie and the Nudie.” Pretty much the standard number of likes and a huge number of views. That tells me I’m getting search engine traffic. The explanation is actually contained in the post. When I entered a search engine with “+Asperger +Naturist,” my site pulled up near the top of the list. Both are categories for my blog with many related posts under them. Seeing my post in a search engine amazes me.

It will probably be gone from the first page tomorrow. Sic transit gloria mundi!

Why isn’t the number of likes of the post proportional to the number of views? I suspect it is because you need to have a WordPress account in order to like or comment on a post. That means the people who find your post thru a search engine can’t respond. You might be missing out on a lovely conversation. Or an angry screed demanding pitchforks and torches.

If you are making money off a post, that isn’t such a problem. Just click the button to contribute or go to the online store and you are happy. OTOH, it makes me a little sad that all those viewers are unable to comment directly on the post. For most of us, our audience is just our fellow bloggers and most bloggers don’t monetize.

The best way to maximize search engine results is to combine two dissimilar topics. Topics most people would not think of as going together but there will be a niche group for whom it clicks. Include them in your tags and categories. Put them in your title and nestled in a catchy phrase in the opening sentence of your post and include them multiple times in the body of the post. You should also name your images with related terms.

Linking to your own work and linking to outside sites also help with the search engines. The exact criteria for optimization are kept a close secret by search engines and changes frequently. They don’t want you to use their rules to game the system. They will track what you have searched for before and what you clicked in the results to try to serve you more of the same rather than giving you random results. You and I will get completely different search results on the same search terms. I think it sux. But they think keeping you in your comfort bubble makes more bucks.

BTW, Google and the other search engines understand synonyms, derivative words, suffixes and prefixes, and related words. You don’t have to say it the same way over and over.

A post like “Oh, Horrors!” is less likely to get search engine responses, It disobeys all those rules. I start out talking about regrets for not posting and then a discussion of what I’m watching and not the topic, horror in anime.

The people who search for just one of those topics will probably not see you in the millions of sites out there but the people who specifically search for both of them are more likely to find you.