Looked at my stats. I had a huge jump on the 23rd in daily views. The 24th is less but still not so shabby.

WTF??? (In a good way.) So I go to my posts and pages.

It is all from one blog post. I knew it had to be something like this. As much as I’d love the world to suddenly discover my genius, I am not a genius. So there’ll be no discovery. (I also note that of my top seven posts, only 3 had anything to do with anime. (I am disappointed by this.) Three of them were nudity specific. Although what was it that made this post so popular? Head on over to look at my referrers.

The Aspie and the Nudie got a lot of hits just from Google searches. I noted this in my Search Engine post.

I am suddenly getting a huge number of referrals from Reddit. And a lot of Google search results although they are unable to tell me what the searches are. There much be a huge interest in the link between Asperger’s/autism and disliking clothing. Checking on Reddit I discover that my Aspie article got posted to r/nudism and cross-posted to r/naturism on the 23rd. Just from that little thing views went from a strong hundred a day to nearly 300 on the 23rd and then almost 200 on the 24th.

Of course this is classic spike-decay behavior. Soon it will return to normal. It resulted in no new comments or likes. But it sure seems interesting how just being linked caused such a spectacular jump in views.