And I’ll be the first to take one of them when it become available for me.

Images from Advocare Woodbury Pediatrics

There will be more vaccines online fairly quickly. In addition to these two, Oxford Astra-Zeneca’s is about to be released within a week. The more vaccines we have the better. Ordinarily, a vaccine is tested and approved and then production starts to spool up. Because of the emergency, the pharmaceutical companies built their production lines while they were doing testing. You could not pick a winner and then tell other companies to start producing it because they have all their existing productive capacity tied up in their own products.

Another “shortcut” was to run phase 1 and phase 2 simultaneously. Usually, you’d do them in serial instead of in parallel. That doesn’t make it less valid, just more resource-intensive. Vaccine research is usually done at a leisurely pace – a vaccine is just one of many dishes simmering on the stove. What we have done is to clear every pot off the stove, bought extra stoves, and used all the burners for cooking different parts of the same meal instead of cooking one ingredient at a time as resources become available.

Because of COVID-19, every other immunization research project has been put on hold for the enforceable future. Everything from Ebola to rabies will just have to wait. So will development of new drugs and medical techniques, other than COVID-19 treatment.

Except for the mRNA, these are commonly found ingredients in many vaccines. There were a couple of people (out of tens of thousands) who had strong allergic reactions to the Pfizer vaccine. They were treated and released. We have no reports of such reactions regarding the Moderna or the Oxford vaccines. It is suggested that people with a history of severe allergic reactions avoid this shot pending further study.

People with a history of a severe allergic reaction to vaccination should probably avoid any of the shots. But that is true of any vaccination, not just this one. Just in comparison, a strong adverse reaction of about 1 in 1.4 million is normal.

The bottom line for me is that if you get COVID-19 because you refused a vaccine, I don’t care a great deal about what happens to you. If you end up in the hospital at death’s door or end up dead, you did it to yourself.

My gripe is the increased burden on my insurance premiums and taxes, the resources you consumed unnecessarily while sick, and the innocent people you sickened or killed by infecting them along the way. Not everyone is medically permitted to get vaccinated.