Most of this comes from our friends across the pond. I have to hand it to the Brits. In some ways they are considerably more enlightened than the US.

I’d like to have seen “Cheers” set here…

And now this from Scientific American. Something I’ve known all along…

Nudity Found to Offer New Social Benefits

Study subjects who focus on a person’s body rather than his or her mind rank that person as more experienced and more sensitive to emotion and pain

And there is this article from the UK Daily mail:

Psychology lecturer asks whether being naked improves body image.

This series on body image on BBC III talks about the pressures people are under to comply with a social definition of attractiveness and how that leads to bodily insecurity and self loathing. There are 4 different series so far; loose skin from weight loss, male body image, prosthetic limbs, and tattoos. Next to be produced is obesity.

The Naked Truth

And finally, something near and dear to me heart, this BBC Arts program about why artists need to draw from the live nude model.

Why all artists should have naked ambition

Public nudity is legal in the UK as long as you are not doing anything lewd. I’d probably wait for the social perception to catch up with the legal situation before I would wander down to the post office nude. I’m willing to push things a little but I really don’t want someone silently hating on me.

Given the cold and wet climate, I’m amazed that there is enough socio-political pressure to accomplish this. But there are like 3.8 million Brits who describe themselves as nudists or naturists out of less than a fifth the population of the US. To my knowledge, the nudie population in the States has never been accurately measured but is probably well under a million. It’s enough to make me almost wish I lives there. You NEVER see stuff like this on mainstream domestic media.

Almost. This is California, after all.