I thought I’d just post a few YouTube blogs by some of my favorite female YouTubers. I will just let the brilliance of these women speak for themselves.

Here we have a trifecta of women who are physicists. Physics has long been thought of as a male domain with its intense focus on mathematics but we know that women have always been at the forefront of research into the nature of the universe. Women like Marie Curie, Emmy Noether, and Lise Meitner are a few of the giants on which modern physicists stand. Here are three current contemporaries.

There is no shortage of women in the medical sciences either.

Did you know that Mayim Bialik is really the scientist she plays on Big Bang Theory with a PhD in Neuroscience? Here she talks about her support for COVID vaccination and dispels accusations that she is an anti-vaxxer.

Here’s a discussion about Baysian Reasoning by Julia Galef

Shifting away from science and math and into less stratospheric subject matters…

Shameless Maya started with the proposition that she would just shamelessly promote herself for 365 days. Along the way, she gave a series of tech talk videos on interesting topics. This one is about cryptocurrency. She also has a great series on creating YouTube video creation on a budget.

Laci Green was once a sex education blogger who has now expanded out into philosophy and current affairs.

Last but not least…

The late Sister Wendy Becket hosted a BBC television show exploring art. She expanded my own awareness of great art tremendously back in the 90s when I was still a bit of a Philistine. Fortunately, her art programs are available on YouTube. You can’t watch them without being infected with her love of art and joy in its experience.

Not an exhaustive list of fascinating women on Youtube by any means, these are all women whose YouTube presence I follow.