Lately, I have been completely bereft of desire to write. Probably going through a phase. It may be that a month from now, I’ll be cranking out a dozen posts a month. Or maybe I’ll stop posting entirely. Who knows?

I think it is time for a new Olympic event. Offhand, this is probably one I would have gotten into when I was younger. Los Angeles, with its extensive storm sewer system that is 90% dry for 90% of the year, would be the perfect venue.

But the storm drains are not completely safe. Beware of giant ants.

And this is for Irina, of I drink and Watch Anime, who could easily be its inspiration:

When I was a boy, I liked to escape from the house and play naked by the river in the woods. These days, more often, I just sit and watch the wildlife and the stars in the sky.

When you are camping, A campfire will help keep the mosquitoes away as well as keep you warm. There is something hypnotic about gazing into a fire. It is almost a direct link to your ancestors of hundreds of thousands of years ago who experienced the same thing.

It is important to keep your campfire safe. You don’t want it to turn into a wildfire with devastating consequences. However, it is possible to overdo campfire safety.

It looks like Sheldon may be in for more than he bargained for.

And lastly, do not go through life in fear of messing up, in fear of getting hurt, or in fear of receiving scars. Occasional pain is proof of life, proof that you didn’t hold back when it counts. Live your life wholeheartedly. Own your decisions. Admire your honest mistakes as much as your triumphs. Yeah, I did that!

Even a bit of foolishness is not out of line. Take care not to hurt others, but remember that the scars you receive are just evidence of having lived a full life.