I was nominated for the award by Yum Deku over at MyAnime2go a while back. Figured it was time to bite the bullet!


  • The purpose of this tag is very simple! Describe yourself through anime! To do this you will answer all of the questions below!
  • After this is done you will tag 6 people to pass the tag onto! If you’re tagged for a second time you only have to tag 3 in your next post and 1 on your third attempt and should you so choose beyond.
  • Tell us why you nominated these people!
  • People who ask to be tagged should be added to your tag list with a link to their blog! Tell something nice about them as well.
  • Remember to have fun with the tag and be proud of who you are, you are an amazing person, and the fact that so many anime and anime characters share traits with you shows you are pretty breathtaking!

Q1. Describe a hobby or passion you have through an anime series! For example Shokugeki no Soma if you like cooking or Initial D if you like cars.

Well… there’s running around naked. That would be Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail.

And I’ve done a lot of this, too. Unfortunately the guy’s name wasn’t available and he wasn’t a lead. Humanity has Declined.

Q2. Simplify yourself to an anime archetype (tsundere, dojikko, shota, shounen protagonist etc). Don’t overthink what an archetype is, go with your gut. Name a character that is also that archetype.

Uh… harem protagonist without a harem? I’m really not a very exciting guy any more. According to this quiz

Q3. Describe your looks through comparing it with anime characters. You can decide how many!

My looks… You know, almost all male protagonists either look alike or are so unique they don’t look like anyone else. There’s definitely a shortage of retired nudists to choose from. Almost all older characters are really caricatures.

According to this quiz, I look like this…

Hmm… that can’t be right. Maybe this quiz

Or not. One more try. This quiz

At least they got the gender and species right this time. And the description. Boring. Just not enough grey.

Q4. Describe your romantic bias and or sexuality through anime characters you find attractive.

I find ninety percent of all anime females to be sexually attractive and even a few males. (Well, at least, when I imagine what they would look like in real life. Drawings do little for me.) Nobody intentionally draws unattractive women as main characters. Of course, I am much too old for any of them! Narrowing the list down, I would probably only be romantically interested in older women and women who have accomplished something in life and are beyond all the gamesmanship. So… Maybe Hatoka from Otona Joshi no Anime Time.

Or I could go with Rokka from Natsuyuki Rendezvous.

Sakurako from Beautiful Bones would be amazing. I really love her mind.

Q5. Tell us about your day to day life and what anime that would fit into! You can be creative here!

Gosh. There is no anime to describe my life. It does not exist. Except when I go for a hike or take a trip, my life is so uneventful that even Houtarou from Hyoka would find it boring.

Q6. Describe your hopes and dreams through an anime character.

Imagine a cross between Grey Fullbuster and Houtarou, add a few decades, and you have the picture. Adding in Juvia might be nice too.

Now the hardest part. Nominating people. What is nice about all of them is that I really enjoy their blogs.

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That does it for me. Take care. Illigitimus non carborundum!