I just signed up for an account on MeWe. They do not censor content in their images and they don’t sell your personal data. So far, so good.

Then it asked me for my Google login. That’s not too unusual. Then it imported all my Google contacts. Hmmm…

I must have clicked on something inadvertently because the very next thing it did was to send out invitations to everyone on my Google contact list. I’m not sure I like that so much. There are a lot of contacts on that list that are purely business. There are contacts that I do not recognize at all.

I don’t want to send out invites to one and all. My MeWe account was going to have some nudist content. (Like that would be a surprise…) Inviting strangers and businesses and people whose relationships I’m uncertain of just feels creepy. When I make a blog, I don’t proactively go out and invite people. They sample it and invite themselves if they wish.

I went back and checked the box not to make my contact list public. It’s not my intent to hook my veterinarian and my tax accountant or my wife’s temple with random anime and nudism fans.

If you got an invite, don’t worry. I didn’t intend to “collect” you. There’s nothing on it yet and probably won’t be for a while.

But I might be for rent…