Take the girls from Encouragement of Climb. Or maybe from Yuru Camp. Make them real. Age them a few years. Teach them the joys of pushing their limits. Pump them full of caffeine and/or adrenaline. Now you’ve got Girls Gotta Eat Dirt.

For all their adventurous nature, the girls of the Cute Girls Doing Interesting Things genre are still comparatively placid. There are no big risks or wild rides. Nobody is in danger of breaking legs, nobody has experienced serious road rash. Nobody acts like they are auditioning for Jackass.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Just because you aren’t an adrenaline junkie doesn’t mean your adventure doesn’t count. The joy of these shows comes from their relaxed and easygoing plotline. Everyone is comparatively safe as they discover nature and explore novel situations. Maybe a little cold or a strained knee, or a touch of mild mountain sickness coupled with a life lesson. The perfect thing for destressing during an anxious time.

But sometimes you want some more adrenaline. Some “Oh My God!” factor. And that’s where this short film comes in. Enjoy it for the sheer rawness and wow factor.

Meet Clair, Delialah and Dell