This morning I mowed the lawn. After, I felt unusually tired, so I went inside. Happened to glance at the weather station on the living room table and it was 100o F (38o C) out with 14% humidity. Shit. Summer is here.

I don’t dislike California summer quite as much as I do Michigan winter. Within an hour’s drive, I can go to a much cooler area either in the mountains or at the beach. If you could warm up by doing the same thing in Michigan, It would be the vacation capitol of the world.

When August rolls around, I will have become accustomed to this kind of temperature. A hundred degrees will be a nice day when compared to the rest of the month.

Oh… I figured out an easy way to do a degree symbol. Do the lower case letter “o” and drop down the menu to make it a superscript. A lot easier than trying to remember the ascii code.

From the Olive Dell Home page. (The pictures are all links to their site.) They have several miles of trails thru the hills. I was too tired to walk much.

Last Thursday, the 22nd, was my 65th birthday. Happy birthday me! My wife and I celebrated with cake and balloons. 🙂 Then I headed off to a nudie resort for the weekend. The graphic that is my featured image was sent by a person on an Asperger’s forum that I follow. It really made me smile!

I spent that “birthday suit” weekend at Olive Dell Ranch for the Naked Beer Mile and the Bare Burro 5K Fun Run. It wasn’t as fun as I might have wished. I’d got my 2nd COVID vaccination Friday morning. I spent the weekend feeling like a truck had hit me and draggy with fatigue. No running for me but I enjoyed watching. I also skipped the nude karaoke and the toga party. (!!!) Most of the time I napped in my tent.

The weather was a bit on the cool side, cloudy most of the day with highs in the 60s. Except for some crazy diehards, clothing generally stayed on until late morning and then disappeared until early evening.

Everything is outdoors and it was mostly low density so I saw no point in my wearing a mask, though I did see others who did. I’m not the only one to have just gotten a shot. I saw quite a few other people wearing nothing but a Band-aid on their shoulders. Maybe it hadn’t had time yet to hit them. Or maybe they’ll be lucky enough to feel little reaction from it.

From the Olive Dell Instagram site.

And there are burros. Wild burros that would wander close to camp at night and bray. On days when there are few guests, they come right into the parking areas. Picking up those droppings keeps the maintenance staff busy.

Olive Dell Ranch is a great resort. The membership is diverse. People of color, people of all ages from infants to tired old farts like me. It gives me some comfort to see young people with families engaged in nudism. We won’t go extinct for a while yet. But that is something I often fear.

One of the common complaints about nudist venues is that they are full of elderly straight white men in campers. That’s not how this club rolls. The gay community is well represented and so was the trans community. Nobody was pressured to take their clothes off but most did. Nobody gawking at one’s breasts and or penis. Nudity is suggested but not required in most places but mandatory in the pool, jacuzzi, and when running the Beer Mile and 5K run. (Sports bra was allowed for running but I didn’t see anybody wearing one.)

I’m fine with that.

From the Olive Dall Ranch website.

That’s another thing. Many clubs will get on your case if you aren’t completely nude. For me, being naked is first and foremost about my own freedom. Your own nudity or clothing should be about your own freedom. My demanding you undress is no better than you demanding that I get or stay dressed. And comes it off as creepy.

BUT… If you show up at an event like this and do not behave respectfully, you will be unceremoniously ejected. I’m fine with that. If you try taking pictures you will be ejected and have your device confiscated. I’m fine with that. By going thru the gate you agreed to these rules. It is private property and that still means something.

There were official photographers who were happy to take your picture for free and send you a copy, making sure everyone else’s privacy is respected. I didn’t feel up to it so I didn’t bother. No photos of me this post.

There was a group there, Clan Darksail, and they were promoting the show they were putting on for Memorial Day weekend. It is an acting troupe that does educational shows about French privateers from the 18th century. They also blow things up with replica 18th-century weapons, go sailing on tall ships, and provide extras for pirate movies. I hung out around their table a lot. A very friendly and lively bunch.

From their Facebook page: ClanDarksail

I got a shot in the arm and a cake in my belly and a trip to a resort. I got to spend my birthday weekend in my birthday suit. What more could I ask for? And, no. I was not paid – nor did they ask – for a review. I just like the place.

From the Olive Dell Facebook site.