You may have noticed most of my blog isn’t there any more.

Over the weekend I was overwhelmed by a need to start over. So all my old posts are gone. I still have them and someday I may republish them, especially if someone actually remembers them and makes a request. Until then, I’m only going to show new work.

I am also going to publish less and the posts will be shorter. No more 4,000-word hike posts that detail the natural and human history of an area with dozens of photos. You see, blogging has taken up too much of my life, sitting at the PC while I ought to be living. One of those posts might take 4 hours for the hike and 16 hours to edit and upload photos and write the text. I’m also finding that selfies are taking up too much time on the trail. (If you have ever watched “Survivorman” you might know what I mean. It is an hour-long selfie.)

So get used to 2 or 3 photos and 2 or 3 paragraphs about an anime or a personal event and unless someone else takes the picture, fewer selfies. I expect my views will take a steep nosedive and my likes will drop. C’est la vie!

OTOH, maybe I’ll have more actual life to write about and I can do more of the things I love.