Same old Shinji… Heavy sigh!

Some plot spoilage ahead…

Last night I saved Evangelion, part 3 on my PC. I am dearly hoping that it wasn’t as bad as part 2. The original Evangelion is a masterpiece and every modification of the original has served to dilute its power. Part 2 never made any sense at all and I couldn’t make myself watch all of it.

For seasonal anime, I’m watching several new releases this summer, plus three continuations, and an oldie.

Slime is finally out of its doldrums. Clayman’s plot is picking up momentum but he doesn’t know all the cards Rimiru is holding. Still, his control over Milim will be a powerful tool in his own arsenal. It was pretty cool to see a couple of other demon lords and another dragon along the way.

Ramiris is a demon lord, right? So why do we see her using so little power? Something is up with that. And Treyni… just wow! Being a true nature lover, she is incredible waifu material for me. I’m wondering if Diablo’s power is on par with the weaker demon lords. I’m betting he could take an unassisted Clayman by himself. Also hoping that Veldora gets treated seriously. So far he’s been a manga-reading joke.

One thought… if Clayman needs 10,000 deaths in order to become a true demon lord, does it matter if it’s his own troops killed by Rimiru’s forces?

Walpurgis is approaching and all Hell is likely to break loose.

Two new admirers for Rio who will need their virtue protected.

Spirit Chronicles is barely worth watching. Started out ok but has felt really flat. The protagonist, Rio, made friends with a loli assassin who was also reincarnated and it was headed down a path I considered boring. Now he’s managed to get to the land of his ancestors, and saving young girls from a fate worse than death. He’s only supposed to be 14 himself, so at least they are age-appropriate. There’s harem potential but I don’t think it will go that route. I’m hoping something interesting will happen.

I kind of like Isley. Amoral heroes can be fun.

Idaten Deities is kind of fun. I have a feeling that not all demons are completely stupid and one of them just might be a renegade deity. The deities themselves are decidedly amoral. At best, they’ll protect humanity as a whole but have no interest in good or evil within humanity. We are like a forest. They don’t care what kinds of trees grow or what the animals do to each other as long as the forest remains.

There is a horrific rape scene in the first episode. Might want to skip the second half of episode one if such triggers you. It isn’t there just to shock us but we don’t know how it will come back to affect the show later on.

A very emotional arc but not badly done.

MHA has gotten into Endeavor Todoroki’s backstory. I’m not exactly clear on it but it looks like he didn’t actually hurt anyone directly. His attitude and harsh treatment seem to be what drove his wife (Rei) mad, indirectly leading to her scarring Shoto and somehow a sibling’s death. Except for his daughter Fuyumi, his children haven’t forgiven him. (Fuyumi really rocks a turtleneck!)

For my money, Lady Larna is the most interesting female in the show by far. Definite waifu material.

Villainess seems to have turned into a slice of life. Which isn’t bad but a bit of an arc, maybe trouble brewing in the background, would improve it, IMHO. The gang turns out to have some truly insipid fantasies. Except maybe for Mary and Nicol…

Realist Hero went flat for me when they did the “find the best (fill in the blank)” arc. It did not feel like it went anywhere and the food episode was the worst. But now he’s back on track, trying to build a new center for commerce on the ocean but listening to the local legends of past events to adjust the design and location.

But I’d beware. There is a long list of great cities built by centralized governments that became ghost towns. If a city doesn’t grow up organically in a seemingly good area, there’s always a reason.

This is a good season for waifus for me. Siesta is my waifu above all waifus this seasn.

The Detective is Already Dead dropped considerably when they switched to Siesta’s heart being transplanted into a forgettable girl (Nagisa). But then they switched back to his 3 years with Siesta and the events that will ultimately lead up to her death and dropping hints about the sapphire eye. Looks like Siesta and Kimihiko shared much more than just solving impossible cases. I’m still hoping I get to see them sleeping outside in a hurricane.

Vanitas finds love for the Hellfire Witch. It might feel vaguely rapish.

The Case Study of Vanitas is just plain dumb fun. Any anime that has a female vampire named Domi de Sade in a supporting role cannot be all bad, Vanitas himself has some kind of backstory I can’t wait to get into. He’s a human imbued with some powers by another vampire who can cure a kind of vampiric madness.

We start the series out with Noe’, Vanitas’ vampire partner, telling the story at some point in the future and that eventually he killed Vanitas. I guess we are supposed to be in suspense the whole series to see how this happens or if it is a fakeout.

Truly a pitiable way to die.

I just bookmarked Jobless Reincarnation but haven’t watched it yet.

That’s what I’ve been doing this season. I just can’t get much excitement up to do full-up reviews anymore. And then I see what other people are doing and anything I might say feels superfluous. And my health isn’t what it ought to be plus I’ve had some serious financial anxiety clawing its way through my brain. Life on a fixed income leaves little room for errors.

Ah well, it is what it is.