Last night everything was fine but this morning I can no longer log into WP reader on either of my PCs. I can log into Dashboard without any issues. I get a blank page with this redirect in my address bar:

It never gets to asking to take my password. I did try changing my password to no effect. I’d already changed the PW a week ago due to the data breach.

My phone logs into Reader without a problem.

Out of desperation, I had to join my Google account to my WP account. Now it lets me log in to Reader. (I seriously don’t understand why the same login action isn’t good for both locations.)

My other account, “I’m Not Dead Yet…” wouldn’t let me create or edit posts. It kept erroring out. (“This is My Place” still worked OK for creating and editing.) That problem spontaneously resolved itself this morning.

I did notice a blurb about a beta being tested and I was wondering if they updated without working all the bugs out. Or maybe a Windows update screwed me over. Or a Firefox update.

Anyone else experienced weirdness?