O Fortuna “Gaspar, my friend,” Benedetto spoke to his donkey, “I’m a getting too old to scramble over those rocks.” Every part of his body ached. “But we have a job, grazie a dio!” The evening star had just taken its place in the western sky. He looked ahead at Verona, still tiny in the […]

Do You Want to Read More? — Women’s Wilderness Legend: Living the Metaphor

Martha is a simply brilliant author on life in the Middle Ages, as well as being a skilled artist. I highly recommend “Martin of Gfenn,” her story of a young artist in Zurich of the 13th century.

If you’d really rather be entertained by something humorous and contemporary, look at her short stories about “Lamont and Dude.” I promise you will not be sorry!

Her adventures in China are not to be sneezed at either. She has compiled the best of these in As a Baby Duck Listens to Thunder.