A brilliant young violinist heads off to the Royal Academy of Music to fulfill his dreams. A boy who needs to please everyone. And then he is taken on by the London Symphony. There’s only one problem. The pressure to be perfect was relentless. This young musician cracked under the strain and had to return to Australia because of… unbelievably… body image issues. Body dysmorphic disorder.

He felt fat. He felt undeserving because of his lack of washboard abs. He felt ugly up on the stage. He felt he was disobedient and a bad boy. He gave up a fantastic career and returned to his native land full of shame and depression.

He found a way to overcome his obsession and his fear. Though it’s not something his parents approve of, he overcomes his obsession and at last discovers who he really is.

This video really hits home hard for me. I had my own inexplicable need for nakedness. In a way he was lucky. I had to keep my parents as deep in the dark about it as could be. That was easy in the days before the internet.