Bad news for the family. Found out last Sunday. My granddaughter and son-in-law have both come down with COVID. He and my daughter are fully vaccinated but of course, the baby is not.

Baby developed a fever and discomfort so off to the doctor she went. They did a quick test right there and determined COVID. My daughter was coming down with some kind of illness – sore throat, fever, and aches – but they wouldn’t test her because it wasn’t her appointment, just her daughter’s. (Roling my eyes in disdain. F-ing bureaucracy.) They told her to go home and do a home test. We assumed that she probably had COVID as well.

So she went home and tested and her hubby came out positive while daughter came out negative. The test is not perfect, false negatives are possible, and COVID-like symptoms of a different illness at the same time seems an unlikely coincidence. So until she does a second test and it comes out negative, we’re treating it as a false negative. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 BA2 – the dominant highly contagious version – are cough, fatigue, congestion, and runny nose.

Of course, we have all been in close contact with each other over the weekend.

My understanding is that COVID in infants is mild and that vaccination greatly reduces the chances of catching it and minimizes the symptoms if you do. No worries here, just sympathy.

Her hubby is completely asymptomatic. We’re pretty sure he got it from the dojo he goes to. They’re being notified. My granddaughter has a mild fever and appears unhappy. Of course, she doesn’t have words to explain what’s going on. Daughter is fairly miserable too. Mom is going over to help out in a socially distanced way. She spent 40 years as an RN, so she knows the protocol.

We’re going to wait 3 days and do a home test. In the meantime, we’re going to self-isolate. Kaiser is bugging me to get a 4th vaccination since they think I’m in a high-risk group – over 65. Now I wish I’d done it immediately when it came available.

Neither my wife nor I have any symptoms. If we come out clean, Friday I’m heading up to Frisco to do the Bare to Breakers. If not, it’s a ten-day self-imposed quarantine. Such interesting times we live in!

I won’t be wearing a running watch. And with my knee, I’ll be barely (pun intended) walking.