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Fred (Au Naturel)

I'm not dead yet!

Hot – hot – hot!

Yesterday it was 108. The saving grace is that the humidity was 13%. The swamp cooler worked admirably.  Inside it never got over 77. Today, not so lucky. At 2pm it is 101 but the humidity is 26%. Inside it is... Continue Reading →

Kearsarge Pass

The hot temperatures we are having right now made me long for the coolness of the High Sierra. I didn't make it up there nearly as often as I wanted. October 2007 is one of the few times I did.... Continue Reading →


Yeah. Rodents. In my attic. From there they invaded my garage. I don't hate rats in general. Just those who invade my house. I love squirrels. And chipmunks and even gophers. In Caddy Shack everyone roots for the gopher, right?... Continue Reading →

Don’t Mess With Grandpa

I'm getting older. There is far more sand in the bottom of my hourglass than the top. I don't need a calendar to tell me this. I know it in my body.

The Considerations of Skinnydipping

Skinny dipping can be fun, but it’s never something you should feel pressured into doing. The Many Considerations of Skinny-Dipping by Blair Braverman My friend has friends who live nearby, and yesterday they invited us to hike to a lake... Continue Reading →

Food for nude… thought.

This is from Facebook:

Old School

Anime... hmmm. "Kono Oto Tomare" quickly became boring. I was hoping for lovely music and got tropes, predictability and boredom. Four episodes in I pulled the plug. Sorry if you were fans. AOT continues to amaze. I am gobsmacked. Thunderstruck.... Continue Reading →

Happiness is…

Ah  'spose this could have been an OWLS post. It ain't.   Different things to different people? Well yeah, that's quite true. Activities that leave one in a happy state will be as varied as the people who engage... Continue Reading →

Enya-where Is

Photo is a screenshot from Enya's Amarantine video. Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin was Born in Gweedore, County Donegal, Ireland in 1961. We anglicize it to Enya Patricia Brennan. Many people reading this will not have heard of her. For a... Continue Reading →

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