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I'm not dead yet!

Is this the power of Reddit?

Looked at my stats. I had a huge jump on the 23rd in daily views. The 24th is less but still not so shabby. WTF??? (In a good way.) So I go to my posts and pages. It is all... Continue Reading →

The Journey of Kino – Oops! – I really mean Elaina

There may be spoilage ahead! But first, what happened to my option to mix custom colors? And why can't I specify colors for individual words instead of entire blocks? Just two more options WP took away to make it easier... Continue Reading →

Adachi and Shimamura

This is my next, "Oh God I love this anime!" anime. We're up to episode 2, so I'll try not to spoil too much but there will be spoilage. But I suspect that even if I knew every plot detail... Continue Reading →

Search engine popularity

OK guys. If I want to increase my viewership what kind of post should I be writing? They all have about the same number of likes. I expect Moriarty will increase a little bit more. In my experience, most “likes”... Continue Reading →

A Bicycle Ballet

From Phil Ebersole's blog: A bicycle ballet Just incredible! Hat tip to Viola Brand, born in Germany in 1994, has been training as a cyclist since she was six years old.

Moriarty the Patriot

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic mystery series, Sherlock Holmes is a preternatural genius. He solves crimes that the police cannot. The only criminal ever to escape justice from him is Irene Adler. To Sherlock Holmes she is always the... Continue Reading →

The Aspie and the Nudie

I tried doing a post about nudism and autism. I was going to go through all the literature and come up with some great opus summarizing it. It didn't work. Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper For all you folks out... Continue Reading →

Animaniacs are Back!

Hope you have Hulu... Got this from Hobo Moon Cartoons... Animaniacs. Animaniacs was a favorite of mine from the 90s. The characters and comedy were designed to be appealing to younger children but the plots were directed at... Continue Reading →

Oh, Horrors!

I must bow my head in shame and abnegation. I haven't regularly talked about anime in a long time. It is a shortcoming which I must address. Every season I pick new anime to follow. And then watch as others... Continue Reading →

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