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Moody Monday: Unmet needs and idiotic solutions

This is from JoAnne at Midnight Harmony. Read the full post here: Moody Monday: Unmet needs and idiotic solutions.

Happy birthday but be careful of the cactus…

Inspiration from New Zealand TV channel One about people who garden wearing just their perspiration. (NSFW content ahead.) There‚Äôs been pruning, potting, and baring all for National Nude Gardening Day. Since this is in the southern hemisphere and the seasons... Continue Reading →


I just signed up for an account on MeWe. They do not censor content in their images and they don't sell your personal data. So far, so good. Then it asked me for my Google login. That's not too unusual.... Continue Reading →

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Ugokie kori no tatehiki

Brought to you by Hobo Moon, this classic Japanese animation is from 1933. Enjoy!

Absolutely nothing to hide?

I have found another television commercial I think my readers will like. It is for Absolut Vodka in Sweden. The cast of the ad is entirely made up of employees, showing that Sweden is far ahead of us in body... Continue Reading →

Kore wa Watashi Blog Award 2021

I was nominated for the award by Yum Deku over at MyAnime2go a while back. Figured it was time to bite the bullet! Rules The purpose of this tag is very simple! Describe yourself through anime! To do this you... Continue Reading →

Anime: A variation on the Faust theme.

This isn't an ordinary anime. I was turned on to it by Jenn of Jenn's Hell Zone over at (An online quiz I took some time ago says she is my anime soulmate.) The anime in question is "Belladonna... Continue Reading →

Big Moronga Canyon Trail Freehike

If you aren't a nudie like me, this probably won't be that interesting. And might be slightly NSFW. This is the AllTrails map of the hike we decided on. Just extend that red line south to where it meets Indian... Continue Reading →

Freehike to Northern Piru Creek

I spent last Sunday thru Tuesday in Joshua Tree National Park. While I was there I met up with Dan Carlson of the Meandering Naturist. That little trip will have to wait for another post on another day as I... Continue Reading →

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