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Andy goes for a hike.

Andy loves to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Today's selection is  Horse Canyon up Liebre Mountain. Of course, he's hiking it nude as I also love to do. But Andy is not very smart. He doesn't have a pack with... Continue Reading →

Dark Love Poems — irevuo

Penning the perfect love poem is one of the most difficult of artistic endeavors — yet we have a special place in our hearts for those writers who effortlessly conjure the darkness of lost and unrequited love. via Dark Love Poems... Continue Reading →

A brief history of Boogiepop Phantom thru ep 6.

SPOILERS!   Episode 1 - There is a pillar of light that causes massive electrical disruption, including frying a lot of electronics. There is a girl who regrets never having confessed to her love. Now she starts seeing his ghost.... Continue Reading →

These are a few of my favorite words!

Backpacks on bodies and warm winter mittens Or naked as jaybirds and mosquito bitten. Food tied in bear bags and soaking in springs These are a few of my favorite things. Time for your vocabulary lesson folks! If these words... Continue Reading →

Hi! My name is Andy.

"We come in peace!" said the strange looking alien to the assembled dignitaries. Seconds later, the shell (fired from an M1 Abrams hiding over ten miles away) scored a direct hit on the alien's fragile body, vaporizing it. Space Ambassador... Continue Reading →

Faceless — Shreya Vikram

Who are you, really, underneath all the masks? via Faceless — Shreya Vikram And if there really is someone down there, could it ever be accepted by other people?

Boogiepop, Old and New

I've finally gotten the Starz to work on my PC. Seems Mozilla never takes me to the place where you can log in with your cable TV account but Chrome does go there. (I wasn't about to spend $9 a... Continue Reading →

Brexit – definitely NSFW!

How the hell can Brexit not be suitable for work? This woman managed it. Makes me wish I were British.

Quote of the Day — irevuo

P.S. You can like irevuo on Facebook for more inspirational quotes here. via Quote of the Day — irevuo

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