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Some seasonal anime stuff…

A few spoilers sprinkled here and there... First... when the hell am I getting episode 2 of Tenchi Muyo, season 5? Friday the 29th! That's a gap of a full month. And there are only 6 episodes? Why do... Continue Reading →

Sound! Euphonium, Season 1

On my second try and after 7 episodes I finally started to enjoy this work. I made it through season one and am starting season two. The first time around I got bored and dropped it after 4 episodes. All... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day!

Some selected anime perfect for the occasion! Who says a mother has to be biological? Mom is the one who takes care of you and loves you. Even if it takes most of the series for her to figure... Continue Reading →

Witch Hunter Robin

Funimation appears to be dead. I'm stuck on ep. 15 of Witch Hunter Robin and it says the site is unavailable. Which is worse than going to the site and having the stream stall. Hours go by... Noir means black... Continue Reading →

Current Anime Stuff

The shame of it all! I just watched Rosario+Vampire season one the second time and enjoyed it.  After a while, all the panty shots blur into each other and I don't notice them. That way they don't irritate me anymore.... Continue Reading →

Rascal Dreams and Puberty Syndromes

Minor spoilers! Funimation had the movie Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl over the weekend so I watched it. It is a real tear-jerker, all about love and death. If you haven't seen the original series, Rascal Does... Continue Reading →

Serial Experiments Lain vs. COVID-19

Given the stay at home orders, the internet has really been getting hammered. I've been bingeing on a lot of older anime I missed along the way. Apparently so have lots of other people. When I go to stream something... Continue Reading →

Overlord Overload

I have to confess. I have become a binge-watcher since this COVID-19 mess has erupted. I binged all 3 seasons of Overlord in one and a half days. Kyousougiga was easy. Kill la Kill and Promised Neverland were one day... Continue Reading →

Brain Rot

I'm completely lost right now as far as writing goes. The anime I watched have all been written about by others in a much better fashion than I could. Chihayafuru, MHA, Fate/Grand Order, Magia Record, Scientific Railgun, Eizouken, even Heya... Continue Reading →

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