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The Beginning and Ending of Evangelion

Where do you start with a topic as vast as Netflix redub of Evangelion? Might as well start at the beginning, the literal beginning. I think we all know the main characters? But the opening would come before you knew... Continue Reading →

If It’s for My Daughter and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks, I’d Even Become a Demon Slayer.

I was watching Cloverfield with my wife when I finally gave up. I'm sorry but I hate that style of "found footage" cinematography. Asking me to believe some guy with a pocket camcorder in running around with them documenting their... Continue Reading →

Sounan desu ka? (Are you lost?) So far I'm 3 episodes in. Sounan desu ka? is a short anime with about 12 minutes per episode. I'm not really feeling super excited for this one. I can see where the inspiration came from. Yuru... Continue Reading →

Wandering Son, 放浪息子

This is an extremely interesting anime. Not the least interesting is the response to it. Fundamentally it is about a boy who'd prefer to be a girl and a girl who'd  prefer to be a boy. This plays out mostly... Continue Reading →

Jon’s Creator Showcase

  This month I'll be hosting the July edition of Jon's Creator Showcase. I have no idea if I'm actually competent to do such a thing but I will give it my best shot. The objectives of the Showcase: Give... Continue Reading →

Kimi ni Todoke

This show needs more love! I am insanely depressed right now. It is 3 am and I am watching anime Kimi ni Todoke. Where was my Kazehaya? Where was my Yoshida? My Yano? My Takahashi? Or just even a Shino? I must... Continue Reading →

Aspie Life – Revised

What the hell am I? I am a Martian. I look around at these strange alien people. Their customs are a mystery to me. Their behavior defies logic. They speak and write but their most important communication is encrypted. They... Continue Reading →

Aoi Hana, 青い花

Y'all know I love yuri. In anime that usually means the tender feelings of teenage girls for each other. Sometimes coupled with the fears involved with exiting the closet. There isn't a lot of grownup yuri. That is sad. There... Continue Reading →

Finis Enim Verni Temporis

That's Latin for the end of springtime. Summer is here and the spring anime are finishing up. Spoilers ahead!!!  Isekai Quartet was great. A humorous combination of four different isekai anime, Konsuba, ReLIFE, Overlord and Tanya the Evil. They've been... Continue Reading →

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