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March Comes in Like a Lion

I was led to believe this was a story about a young shogi player fighting thru the ranks. Well, it sort of was but it took so many turns along the way involving other characters that it almost wasn't. Modest... Continue Reading →

Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World   For the three people out there who haven't seen this great anime, it is about a teenage girl going by the name of Kino as she explores her world. This world is divided into many... Continue Reading →

Anime Ennui

I'm sorry. I can't cough up a lot of enthusiasm for anime right now. There just isn't a lot that is all that exciting. I'm about to start Liz and the Blue Bird. I am hoping it is better than... Continue Reading →

Masculine: Biology and the Trope – Owls Blog Tour

This post explores Masculine: Biology and the Masculine Trope in Anime, my Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self Respect subject for today. (And it just happens to be my birthday today.) We are a group of otaku bloggers who promotes... Continue Reading →

Big Mouth — The Vintage Lens

OK all you anime fans. If this doesn't make you think "Attack on Titan", you need to watch the anime. And rewatch it if you've already seen it. Art Display Jacksonville Florida. via Big Mouth — The Vintage Lens

Boogiepop – King of Distortion arc

For the complete Boogiepop 2019 review go to Boogipop Goes the Weasel. For Boogiepop Phantom, go to Boogiepop Old and New. Ok, so the Imaginator arc wrapped. Then the Dawn of Boogiepop wrapped. Nagi is a genuine superhero on par... Continue Reading →

Boogiepop goes the weasel?

I could not find an inexpensive and legal way to watch the original Boogiepop Phantom. Hulu keeps telling me I need a STARZ add-on. I will have to contemplate the impact of another $9 per month on my retirement income.... Continue Reading →

Kara no Kyoukai, Garden of Sinners, 空の境界

Minor spoilers ahead! A boy walks down a snow covered road in a snowy night, umbrella in hand. On the far side of the empty road, he sees a girl with dark hair, wearing just a kimono against the elements.... Continue Reading →

Itadakimasu and Arigatō – OWLS

Itadakimasu. You don't say it like you read it. That last "u" is silent. You can also write it 頂,  meaning "to humbly receive". The kanji can also mean "top of the head" (among several other things) and comes from... Continue Reading →

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