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The Rest of Evangelion – Not Everyone is Broken

I struggle to this day to figure out the meaning of the final episodes of Evangelion. They were so unpopular the studio received hate mail and the director death threats. Suffice it to say the author was a profoundly disturbed... Continue Reading →

A Geeky Gal makes my day!

I want to thank Megan at a Geeky Gal for nominating me. I adore her good nature and sense of humor. I like these awards posts because they are excuses to do something different. The rulz! Thank the blogger that... Continue Reading →

Sleepless ~ Inking Video

Via Sleepless ~ Inking Video Amazing video of the inking process for an illustration. View in full screen for best enjoyment.

Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll

Spoilers! I love the series Violet Evergarden to death and blogged about it. Well, not literally "to death." But figuratively? Sure. This is the next installment of the story of the child soldier trying to discover what life and love... Continue Reading →

The Darkness that is Noir

Republishing this because I think Noir deserves more love! Noir means black in French. It is also used to describe a style of film making with cynicism, moral ambiguity, and pessimism. Characters in noir are typically hard-boiled, unsentimental and Machiavellian.... Continue Reading →

Pinkie’s Super Happy Love Award!

Pinkie of Pinkies Paradise┬átagged me for this. It is quite an honor to be in the first round of any blog award. You're one of the first people she thought of. I try to be nice and if any of... Continue Reading →

OWLS: Visions

This is an OWLS post. What is OWLS? OWLS stands for Otaku Writers for Liberty and Self Respect. We are a group of otaku bloggers who promote acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability.... Continue Reading →

Weathering with You

The local Regency theaters were offering a fan showing of Mokoto Shinkai's latest work, Weathering with You. It was being sponsored by Fathom Events and GKids. Of course, I couldn't resist! My wife and I met after work and had... Continue Reading →

The aspect of Japanese culture I find most disturbing.

There is something about Japanese culture I find disgusting. Child porn was not made illegal there until 2014 and it took international pressure to force it. It is still a world center for the production and it is still easily... Continue Reading →

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