Wabi-sabi – Celebration of Imperfection

Nothing in nature is perfect. Even the finest of things have flaws and most things have many flaws. If you would live in a world full of imperfection and still see beauty, you must understand the beauty in the flaws The world wants to celebrate perfection. The perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect performance…Read more Wabi-sabi – Celebration of Imperfection

Kireina Josei, きれいな女性

I love the pleasure of watching anime where the female protagonist is a fully mature woman who is strong, competent and beautiful. Not talking bishoujo here. We're talking the real deal, kireina josei. They are out there in anime land. Perhaps outnumbered in anime by the bishies ten to one but they still shine! Utsukushii…Read more Kireina Josei, きれいな女性