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Personal updates

You probably aren't interested in what's happening in my personal life but I think there are some very interesting things happening. So as not to bury the lead, my daughter is pregnant. There's no official date but probably November-December. She... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Yard Work

I've been working on our back yard with my son-in-law. The wife wants various pads poured. a new storage shed built, sprinklers put in, landscaping done, etc. I have no personal need for any of it except the shed. It... Continue Reading →


Our solar panels have been installed and are up and running. Yay! It took a while. From when we talked to the solar rep., it was a month to the panel install. Then it was another month to the electrical... Continue Reading →

300 + 17 +58 + ?

I seem to have passed 300 WP followers on this blog. I can add in another 17 email only followers. Never thought I'd get there. I have a second blog, I'm Not Dead Yet. It started out as a way... Continue Reading →

Hell is Paperwork

Oh, God. Retirement paperwork is such a pain in the ass. Old fashioned paperwork where you have to write pages of stuff by hand. I get a message on my cell phone saying, "This is Octavia. You missed some things... Continue Reading →

Kore wa Watashi Blog Award 2021

I was nominated for the award by Yum Deku over at MyAnime2go a while back. Figured it was time to bite the bullet! Rules The purpose of this tag is very simple! Describe yourself through anime! To do this you... Continue Reading →

All the leaves are brown and the skies are grey.

California dreamin' on a winter's day. Imagine it is January and the thermometer drops below 0F every night. And when it doesn't, it's snowing. That just means shoveling your driveway and sidewalk all over again. If you should get... Continue Reading →

That time I was a male exotic dancer.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that in my 20s, I had a sideline of stripping for parties. It wasn't difficult to get into. I'd done amateur musicals and nude modeling and taken a modern dance class in... Continue Reading →

Where did my ancestors come from?

23 and Me was where I found my biological family. Almost all of them live in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. One of my relatives who has a love of such things has traced the family tree all the way... Continue Reading →

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