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The Ants Come Marching One by One And do they ever! We were invaded by ants during the last heatwave. These are Monomorium minimum, aka "little black ants." They are as small as 1.5 millimeters long and can make their way through cracks less than a... Continue Reading →

Where did my ancestors come from?

23 and Me was where I found my biological family. Almost all of them live in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. One of my relatives who has a love of such things has traced the family tree all the way... Continue Reading →

Diana Rigg, RIP

I know this is late. Diana Rigg was my adolescent fantasy. The first time I saw her was her Emmy winning role in the British espionage/satire series The Avengers. She was everything I ever wanted in a woman. Strong, beautiful,... Continue Reading →

A Very Useful Outdoor Tool

CalTopo is a very useful mapping tool. It is mapping software that takes a standard topographic map and allows you to overlay information from a variety of sources. You can adjust the opacity of each layer to make the data... Continue Reading →

Duck and Cover

When I hear people claiming we're in crisis and civilization - if not all humanity - is about to go to hell and the world is going to end and yada yada yada... I can't help but laugh. I cannot... Continue Reading →

That 90s Tag

I got tagged by Foovay for this. The 90s were a while ago and this was a bit of an effort! I was busy raising two small children with my wife and didn't pay much attention to it. Favorite TV... Continue Reading →


By Herbert James Draper -┬áThe Bridgeman Art Library, Object 181779, Public Domain We had a palm tree removed from our front yard. I really didn't want to do it but there were over riding reasons. When we bought to house... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Police

The problem is that the job of policing is naturally attractive to bullies. You get to wear a uniform, be part of a powerful brotherhood, carry a gun and assorted other weapons, give orders to people, and beat on anyone... Continue Reading →

Sound! Euphonium, Season 1

On my second try and after 7 episodes I finally started to enjoy this work. I made it through season one and am starting season two. The first time around I got bored and dropped it after 4 episodes. All... Continue Reading →

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