Snakes alive!

I love snakes. What is not to like about a reptile that decided it didn't need legs? The best snake of all in my area is the rattlesnake. Why? Because so many people irrationally hate or fear them. There is this huge mythology built up about rattlers. They don't chase you. The don't lie in…Read more Snakes alive!

All is not what it appears to be.

I recently got a blurb in the e-mail exhorting me to contribute to an environmentalist group claiming that the forest service is caving to the demand of Big Lumber to allow logging in the Los Padres National Forest. They link to this article: As Trump tweets about California fires, his administration wants to expand logging…Read more All is not what it appears to be.

Liebre Mountain Truck Trail

Liebre Mountain truck trail is a trail that is no longer suitable for trucks. Storms from a couple years ago left a large number of washouts and the forest service simply can't afford to repair them. It is suffering a fate similar to that of Warm Springs road/Templin Highway. Soon the damage will be so…Read more Liebre Mountain Truck Trail

Mojave Desert Park

Note: If I have posted a link here, please click on it. If I were to try to detail all the features of the area, this post would end up book length. We have a vast preserve out here in SE CA called Mojave National Park. It is a pretty cool place, easily accessed from I-15…Read more Mojave Desert Park

Old Heroes: The Heroism of “Mere Survival”

Sometimes there is heroism in just staying alive. Reblogged from Martha Ann Kennedy’s blog, “I’m a Writer, Yes, I Am!” You really should look at all her other stuff. It is great!

I'm a Writer, Yes, I Am!

The Heroism of Mere Survival: Old Heroes
Smart lad, to slip betimes away
From fields where glory does not stay, (Housman)

First Fish
In my geology class at the university of Colorado back in 1972, I learned about the Crossopterygii, a prehistoric lobe-finned, lung fish; its descendants are all of us, but its most direct and (conservative or cowardly) descendants are dubiously hailed as “living fossils.”

As my professor lectured I imagined a fish determined to escape the slowly drying swamps. He was scared, tentative, and lonely. On his way out, he turned back to his wife, pleading with her to join him. “Honey! Come on. It will be ok.”

She answered (in my story), “You’re crazy! We’ll die! We’re fish!” (Here I will point out that every animal was fish, fish food or both.)

“Look around you! We’re going to die down there. Look at all those corpses!”…

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Meet Charlotte and her web

This is Charlotte  - Charlie for short. She is a female daddy longlegs spider, aka cellar spider, family Pholcidae. I've been watching her since she was a tiny spiderling who happened to show up in the corner outside a window. My, my, they grow up so fast!     It is a good place for her. It is…Read more Meet Charlotte and her web