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Is Asuka Broken? She’ll never admit it.

Asuka Langley is the next bombshell to enter Shinji's life, both in the sense of being drop dead gorgeous and in the sense of having an explosive personality. We first meet her on an expedition with the Pacific Fleet. The... Continue Reading →

Rei Ayanami is broken: Shinji wants to fix her.

Spoilers? Of course! Other posts in the series: Shinji is Broken. So is Gendo¬† Shinji is broken. Misato wants to fix him. The competitor's %$#@! mecha is broken Is Asuka broken? She'll never admit it. Rei Ayanami is the fourth... Continue Reading →

Jon’s Creator Showcase – July Edition

This is it! We have a heck of a collection of submissions this time. My comments will be briefer than I had planned, else this would be the only thing I did for the entire month. So many pages, so... Continue Reading →

Shinji is broken. Misato tries to fix him. Notice all the time given to Misato in the OP. Her face and figure are so expressive, anguished yet beautiful. Previous posts in the series: The Beginning and Ending of Evangelion Shinji is Broken. So is Gendo. Beware of... Continue Reading →

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