Snakes alive!

I love snakes. What is not to like about a reptile that decided it didn't need legs? The best snake of all in my area is the rattlesnake. Why? Because so many people irrationally hate or fear them. There is this huge mythology built up about rattlers. They don't chase you. The don't lie in…Read more Snakes alive!

Fishbowl – Cedar Creek Loop

The Sespe Wilderness Area is vast. Within it are enough trails to keep an active hiker busy for years - or for someone like me, for a lifetime. A few of the trails are more active. The "biggie" is the Middle Sespe River Trail which connects to the Sespe River Trail. It follows the Sespe…Read more Fishbowl – Cedar Creek Loop

All is not what it appears to be.

I recently got a blurb in the e-mail exhorting me to contribute to an environmentalist group claiming that the forest service is caving to the demand of Big Lumber to allow logging in the Los Padres National Forest. They link to this article: As Trump tweets about California fires, his administration wants to expand logging…Read more All is not what it appears to be.

Yes, Virginia, the World IS Getting Warmer.

I really wanted to do a new hike blog but I have been trapped here by the heat. (I suppose I could do a blog about a night hike but there would be no photos.) The weather has been insane, with temps constantly in triple digits since early June (it is now August 7.) A…Read more Yes, Virginia, the World IS Getting Warmer.

Yama No Susume 2nd Season

Finally found season 2 on the "Soul-Anime" site. (Watchanime had it but then it disappeared.) They extended the length to 13:30 but without the intro and extro, the actual running time is 10:30. This time 26 episodes, a real testament to how well the original went over. Still enough sugariness to make one go look…Read more Yama No Susume 2nd Season

PCT along the Blue Ridge in the San Gabriels.

Along Highway 2, about 2 miles east of Wrightwood, you will find the Big Pines Ranger station. Another mile and a half beyond that there is a road that turns off to the south called Blue Ridge Road. It is easy to find. There is a large parking area on both sides of the road…Read more PCT along the Blue Ridge in the San Gabriels.

McGill Trail in May

It has been very hot for the last few weeks. Since the only hikes I feel like doing right now are over 8000 ft. elevation - and that is a couple hours drive away - I haven't been doing much hiking. Might as well tell you about a hike I did a couple years ago.…Read more McGill Trail in May