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The desert is looking really good right now.

It looks like next week will be really nice weather. Unfortunately, I just got the word that LA County has closed all beaches and trails.  I don't think that would include National Forest land, but what the hell. I'll head... Continue Reading →

Sespe Creek via Tar Creek Trail

Slightly NSFW... I have been blogging since long before WordPress even existed. This is an old post, from 2006 when I had a web page. I was trying to form up a local nude hiking group I called the Canyon... Continue Reading →

Another share of someone else’s post.

When experienced wilderness guide Blair Braverman was invited to audition for the Discovery Channel reality show ‘Naked and Afraid,’ she saw it as a chance to live out a childhood fantasy. Outside Podcast - Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid And... Continue Reading →

The Show Still Goes On

The teach thinks the nudity looks too gratuitous. He doesn't see a reason for me to be naked. He doesn't think the fact that I'd be naked IRL in the situation is all that relevant. Maybe to me as a... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day Photos

International Women's Day photos of women who are disabled or different. Saw this incredible Bored Panda article linked to on CFL Magazine. Think about this when you think of beauty. More info:

Piru Creek in the Winter

Winter is a cool, grey season in southern California. If you want cold and snow you have to head up to the mountains. In March, we are starting to green up a bit. The deciduous trees are starting to bud.... Continue Reading →

The Pitfalls of Being a Public Nudist – shared

I can be fairly comfortable about being a somewhat public nudist. My wife doesn't object. The laws in LA City/County aren't particularly severe. I have legal and legitimate outlets outside the confines of a resort. There's enough population base for... Continue Reading →

The Play’s the Thing

Tonight was incredible. I finally shopped the first scene of my solo show for my acting class.  You have no idea how nervous I was. This is at the Two Roads Theater after I decided the Fringe was impractical this... Continue Reading →

The Show Must Go On!

I don't really have the time to do my usual full-blown posts. I might as well share what I'm doing on the stage. This is likely to change and occasionally reposted. I've rewritten the opening to the show multiple times,... Continue Reading →

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