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So this is nuclear winter?

This morning the sunrise was a lovely pink. By mid-day it had worked its way up to a yellowish-orange. At 5 pm it was no longer visible. It is said that nuclear war will introduce so much smoke and soot... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the New Normal

Current map of the Bobcat fire as of the time of posting. Yellow burned 12 hours ago, red is burning now. The lines are 20-30 mph winds from the southwest. They can reverse direction very quickly. To the south are... Continue Reading →

I am nothing if not persistent.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. And get up there earlier, dammit! A week later from the last time I posted (To Hike...) I went back up to the mountains determined to get to Grouse Mountain for... Continue Reading →

To Hike…

I like to freehike as most of you know.  This has been a bad summer for it. It got hot in June and stayed that way. we just got our first real break from triple-digit weather. Today was a mellow... Continue Reading →

Lake Fire explodes

Featured image from LA Co. Firefighters Local 1014. Yesterday this was the Lake fire. In the closeup, you can clearly see the wind direction, blowing from the east and averaging about 10 miles an hour. I added a cloud cover... Continue Reading →

A Very Useful Outdoor Tool

CalTopo is a very useful mapping tool. It is mapping software that takes a standard topographic map and allows you to overlay information from a variety of sources. You can adjust the opacity of each layer to make the data... Continue Reading →

Fire… again.

Photograph: Myung J Chun/Los Angeles Times/Rex/Shutterstock Welcome to Southern California! This is the first really big fire of the year for us. The featured image is the view looking north from Santa Clarita. The "Lake Fire" is burning through steep... Continue Reading →

For the Adventurous Among Us

The featured image for this post was created by the National Park Service for its visitors. Now, many of the parks in my neck of the woods are insanely hot this time of year but there are still places with... Continue Reading →

Alder Creek in the Spring Covid-19 Season

Another nice day has popped up. The high is expected to be in the upper 80s, within my comfort zone for a hike. So I take my trusty Suzuki and even more trusty dog Avery, head out to Fillmore, turn... Continue Reading →

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