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Hi! My name is Andy.

"We come in peace!" said the strange looking alien to the assembled dignitaries. Seconds later, the shell (fired from an M1 Abrams hiding over ten miles away) scored a direct hit on the alien's fragile body, vaporizing it. Space Ambassador... Continue Reading →

The Shuttle is not a Taxi

The Challenger crew. Front, from the left: Michael J. Smith, Francis R. Scobee and Ronald E. McNair. Rear from the left: Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, and Judy Resnik The world has had plenty of tragedy and near tragedy... Continue Reading →

Shuttle – Part One

In 1969 NASA came up with a plan for a system of reusable spacecraft that was to be our jumping off point for future exploration of the solar system. It included an orbiter that would use ultralightweight components that could... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Porn

Porn, in the more generalized sense, is that which you watch that greatly excites you. It may well be a guilty pleasure for many - but then I never intentionally do things for which I'd feel genuinely guilty. The internet... Continue Reading →

Skylab and the Dawn of the Shuttle Image quality improved a lot from the first videos on the moon. We landed on the moon. We drove around in a moon-buggie and we played golf. Even brought back a few rocks. That was all the moon was... Continue Reading →

Now, this is cool!

Japan just launched a package of 7 satellites with one launch vehicle. I got to watch it streaming live here:   If you don't want to see all the background and commentary, I saved you just the launch portion... Continue Reading →

Space IS the Final Frontier – Part One of a Series.

Once upon a time, courageous people climbed into tin cans mounted atop thin metal tubes filled with high explosive cryogenic liquids. The tubes and tin cans were amazingly complex machines with hundreds of thousands of parts and separate processes, every... Continue Reading →

Science and Psychology – Are they even related?

  The next time you see an experiment in psychology - or any controversial claim that purports to prove something, doesn't matter if you support the conclusion or not - look at the data, the procedures and possible motivations of... Continue Reading →

More stuff from 23 and Me.

  Found another cousin. He says his bio-parent was named Marvin. Maybe Marvin and Melvin Nichols are brothers? Enquiring minds want to know! I have no information about any of my father's siblings. The 23 and Me site has all... Continue Reading →

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