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Back in 1964, the US launched the first probe to Mars, Mariner 3. Then in 1976, we sent the first lander, Viking 1. Then Sojourner, the first rover, launched in 1995 and landed in 1997. We have kind of made... Continue Reading →

Comet watching

Featured image is from Comet Neowise is in the evening sky. If you are north of the equator, you'll be able to see it in the next few days in the northern sky just after sunset. Southern hemisphere is... Continue Reading →


By Herbert James Draper - The Bridgeman Art Library, Object 181779, Public Domain We had a palm tree removed from our front yard. I really didn't want to do it but there were over riding reasons. When we bought to house... Continue Reading →

What is a covid corvid?

That is someone who crows a warning about COVID-19. Nevermore! Groan! In 1969 we had the "Hong Kong" flu circulating,  H3N2. It came to the US via some Marines who had caught it in Vietnam. We didn't have flu shots... Continue Reading →

Online Privacy and a Demon Hotel

Bloody hell! Suddenly Crunchyroll is demanding that after I log in I do one of those stupid Captcha things where you click on all the pictures containing 3-legged jackals to prove one is human. This kind of stuff pisses me... Continue Reading →

Why We Hate

I just spent an amazing 6 hours watching Steven Spielberg's 2019 documentary, "Why We Hate." It is free on the Discovery Channel web site until the 22nd. You can also catch it on Hulu, Youtube TV, and Amazon Prime Video.... Continue Reading →

Things to Come: COVID-19

This is what is going to happen with COVID-19 going forward. CDC surveillance of COVID-19 The economic cost of staying in the shutdown is too painful to continue. The big argument is over when to open up, not if. The... Continue Reading →

Me and the Lockheed Skunkworks Long ago in a world dominated by the Cold War and nuclear weapons, I was a junior engineer at the Lockheed Skunkworks in Burbank. (There's a shopping center and parking for Burbank Airport at the location today. It was... Continue Reading →

Meet Charlotte and her web

Reposting this from 2 years ago. This is Charlotte - Charlie for short. She is a female daddy longlegs spider, aka cellar spider, family Pholcidae. I've been watching her since she was a tiny spiderling who happened to show up... Continue Reading →

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