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Stay the Fuck at Home!

Just some music appropriate for these trying times....

Light Humor for Heavy Times

Walden and Social Distancing

What ‘Walden’ can tell us about social distancing and focusing on life’s essentials As governments mandate social distancing to protect public health, many readers may be coming to grips with solitude. Thoreau devotes a chapter to it, extolling the virtue of... Continue Reading →


Featured image from the National Post Time is not a possession. It is a companion, always there and unavoidable. You cannot buy it. You will die when you die. You cannot sell it nor can you purchase more if you... Continue Reading →

Don’t be afraid to fall into that dark pit. You are already in it.

If you have ever been depressed, ever felt like dying would be preferable to any life you could imagine, read this: Martha Kennedy - The Tunnel

Life Under Lockdown

Third week of social distancing. Sigh. The last time I did anything that involved close contact with another human was the final exam for the docent position at the local nature center.  (I passed but they shut the place down... Continue Reading →

You really wanna know about how an epidemic works?

It is really quite simple. You isolate the people who are infectious from those who are not infected. Or you could look at it the opposite way, keep the at-risk uninfected away from the infectious. In a disease with obvious... Continue Reading →

Social distancing and viral spread

From Martha Kennedy, Interesting Graphic from a Historical Pandemic I guess this means, "Hooray for the internet!" Every group I'm familiar with has been canceling all their F2F activities. The Pacific Crest Trail Association is no longer having meetings or... Continue Reading →


I went shopping at Walmart today. Milk, Stax potato chips, frozen burritos, and dog food were on my list. Amazingly I got one of the last 36 lb. bags of dog food. The 55 lb. bags were gone. There were... Continue Reading →

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