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Where did my ancestors come from?

23 and Me was where I found my biological family. Almost all of them live in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. One of my relatives who has a love of such things has traced the family tree all the way... Continue Reading →

“Celui qui tombe” (He who falls) — Phil Ebersole’s Blog Dancers guided by choreographer Yoann Bourgeois used a spinning turntable and centrifugal force to do things not ordinarily possible. LINKS Turntable Acrobats Performing Centripetal Illusions by Jason Kottke for He Who Falls (Celui qui tombe) review – hyper-skilled... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

This place feels strangely familiar. I was nominated for this by The Unpopular Poplar. Thank you tree person! I've been feeling down lately and this cheered me up. The rulz! Thank whoever nominated and link back. Display the logo Answer... Continue Reading →

Duck and Cover

When I hear people claiming we're in crisis and civilization - if not all humanity - is about to go to hell and the world is going to end and yada yada yada... I can't help but laugh. I cannot... Continue Reading →

Bill Watterson: a cartoonist’s advice — Phil Ebersole’s Blog

Click on BILL WATTERSON: A cartoonist’s advice for background on this tribute to the creator of Calvin and Hobbes by Gavin Aung Than of ZEN PENCILS. Click on Calvin and Hobbes at Martijns for Bill Watterson’s 1990 commencement speech at... Continue Reading →

This sounds interesting…

Who needs horror movies? Why not try the real thing?

“Hon’ne” and “Tatemae”: A Basic Explanation For Westerners, By a Westerner.

Via "Hon'ne" and "Tatemae": A Basic Explanation For Westerners, By a Westerner. I got turned onto this blog by Irina and I'm really glad I visited. It is well written and interesting. (WAIT – You Guys Haven’t discovered The Unpopular... Continue Reading →

What is a covid corvid?

That is someone who crows a warning about COVID-19. Nevermore! Groan! In 1969 we had the "Hong Kong" flu circulating,  H3N2. It came to the US via some Marines who had caught it in Vietnam. We didn't have flu shots... Continue Reading →

Dogs need safety too.

This is Oliver and Avery. They are sporting their new driving fashion, loose-fitting and easily removed harnesses. Much nicer than their old harnesses which were their doggy backpack harnesses. I have belts with a seat belt connector on one end... Continue Reading →

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