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Moody Monday: Unmet needs and idiotic solutions

This is from JoAnne at Midnight Harmony. Read the full post here: Moody Monday: Unmet needs and idiotic solutions.


I just signed up for an account on MeWe. They do not censor content in their images and they don't sell your personal data. So far, so good. Then it asked me for my Google login. That's not too unusual.... Continue Reading →

Laissez-faire Existentialism

In a nutshell, this is what existential despair is all about. Deep thoughts - but that's not how life works. Life is really about getting up in the morning and getting on with things. Lots of boring things, some downright... Continue Reading →

Nudie stuff!

Most of this comes from our friends across the pond. I have to hand it to the Brits. In some ways they are considerably more enlightened than the US. I'd like to have seen "Cheers" set here... And now... Continue Reading →


Your body is fine the way it is. It isn't dirty, sinful, inferior, or disgusting. It is yours to enjoy. It is yours to decorate as you see fit.

Why We Hate

Republishing this post. I think it is a good one for the recent events. It was originally from my other blog at I'm Not Dead Yet... The capacity to hate lies within all of us. The capacity to dehumanize the... Continue Reading →

Hang on baby! The vaccines are on the way.

And I'll be the first to take one of them when it become available for me. Images from Advocare Woodbury Pediatrics There will be more vaccines online fairly quickly. In addition to these two, Oxford Astra-Zeneca's is about to be... Continue Reading →

That time I was a male exotic dancer.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that in my 20s, I had a sideline of stripping for parties. It wasn't difficult to get into. I'd done amateur musicals and nude modeling and taken a modern dance class in... Continue Reading →

The Aspie and the Nudie

I tried doing a post about nudism and autism. I was going to go through all the literature and come up with some great opus summarizing it. It didn't work. Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper For all you folks out... Continue Reading →

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