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OMG! Starship does it!

Well... sort of. Everyday Astronaut gives us the glorious play-by-play. OOPS! Wrong Starship! But maybe it is a kind of a miracle. Be sure to watch thru to T+15 minutes. Surprise!

The Invasion of Mars!

In rapid succession we have 3 different probes reaching Mars close together. First we had the United Arab Emirates probe "Hope," launched aboard a Japanese booster. It will study the Martian atmosphere. Among other things we need to understand how... Continue Reading →

Laissez-faire Existentialism

In a nutshell, this is what existential despair is all about. Deep thoughts - but that's not how life works. Life is really about getting up in the morning and getting on with things. Lots of boring things, some downright... Continue Reading →

Nudie stuff!

Most of this comes from our friends across the pond. I have to hand it to the Brits. In some ways they are considerably more enlightened than the US. I'd like to have seen "Cheers" set here... And now... Continue Reading →

The relative success of a blog post.

I have been perusing my past bogs and looking at numbers. Specifically, the number of comments, views, and likes. In the featured image above, there is a lot of irregularity. Some of it is due to successful blog posts. Some... Continue Reading →

Censorship, defacto and dejure

Censorship by government influence rather than by direct government involvement is still censorship. I consider it de facto censorship. Censorship in fact, even if not in law.

Never Rains in Southern Calfornia??

Remember that atmospheric river I mentioned in a post a few days ago? It finally moved. The storm passed over us for a day and a half. An atmospheric river can dump as much water as if the Amazon River... Continue Reading →

Nudity and Art and YouTube

PBS, of all things, has run afoul of YouTube's age restriction policies. I happened to see a Tweet regarding the PBS channel "The Art Assignment," one of the various PBS channels I subscribe to. It took me to an episode... Continue Reading →

Cry me a river

If you look at this map, you see what is known out here as an atmospheric river. If is "flowing" from the south-south-west to the north-north-east. It is a "river" because it hasn't moved in days. Movement from the west... Continue Reading →

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