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Utah Passes Free Range Parenting Law

This article is lifted directly from the New York Times, March 20, 2918, by Donna De La Cruz It is not a crime for parents to let their children play unsupervised in a park or walk home from school alone... Continue Reading →

My personal PSA: Please leash your dog while walking them — psychologistmimi

I love dogs. I love NYC dogs. They tend to have swagger as they walk down the city sidewalks. And, for the most part the dogs in NYC tend to behave. Occasionally they may growl at one another but often... Continue Reading →

Raising children who are happy

My e-mail is full of spam and assorted other garbage but one of the few e-mails I look forward to is Outside Magazine.  Lately there have been a few articles that I think are too important not to share about... Continue Reading →

Thinking about likes and follows

I need more reader interaction. Especially comments. Blogging is a lonely world. You don't ever meet the people who have caught your interest. You don't get to go hiking with them or visit for tea or meet up anywhere. There... Continue Reading →

Join In The Fun! Join In The October 2018 Tea Party! 

A tea party. Why not?

The Little Mermaid

What better way to suggest friendliness – and to create it – than with a cup of tea?” -J. Grayson Luttrell

Aloha, charming WordPressers!

I’m delighted to announce you that The Little Mermaid is hosting her third monthly tea party on her website. What? A tea party? On WordPress? When? How? For whom? Alright..alright…take it easy. I’m coming on to your questions.
Classically, a ‘tea party’ makes one think of superiorly elegant and elaborate affairs of the Victorian times. It also conjures up images of fluffy scones, flavoursome muffins, Devonshire Cream and dainty sandwiches served on fine silver or deluxe bone china. Still, the elemental part of a tea party remains the affable exchange of dialogue among the invitees. Almost indistinguishably, the tea party that I am organizing is an online social event hosted in honour of bloggers, that is US! Blogging is most enjoyable when it is done interactively…

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Sad State of Scouting today.

  Yeah, back in 1982 the world didn't hate Boy Scouts because they were exclusively boys when they built this trail. That's about as many hours as I'd work at a full time job for almost 2 years. Many tons... Continue Reading →

Awesome Impact Award!

This is a belated thank you to the Have You Ever Noticed?  blog for nominating me for this! It is the first time I've ever been awarded anything on the internet. The rules: Tag the person who nominated you. Take... Continue Reading →

Life and Death in the Wild

First, I want you to read this article: Then I'll discuss it from my POV.   Okay, done? Stephen Olshansky's youth sounds very similar to mine. He was born the same year as I, 1956. In high school, Otter... Continue Reading →

FLCL Progressive

All spoilers all the time!   This is an E-ticket anime boys and girls. If you remember the wild ride that FLCL was, then you have an idea. The soundtrack sounds especially great. This is FLCL season 2. Or sort... Continue Reading →

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