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Big Mouth — The Vintage Lens

OK all you anime fans. If this doesn't make you think "Attack on Titan", you need to watch the anime. And rewatch it if you've already seen it. Art Display Jacksonville Florida. via Big Mouth — The Vintage Lens

Photo pick of the day

Who can tell me what this is a photo of? (Click for full size.)  

Understanding the spectrum – a comic strip explanation

Rebecca Burgess created a comic strip with a cartoon character named Archie to better explain autism. Source: Understanding the spectrum – a comic strip explanation

Captain Marvel

Ok guys, Its really two words. Mar Vell. Complete coincidence it sounds like the comic book publisher. Right? One part of the movie was super cool. Remember that scene where Fury took Marvel to the Pegasus project? That road was... Continue Reading →

Boogiepop – King of Distortion arc

For the complete Boogiepop 2019 review go to Boogipop Goes the Weasel. For Boogiepop Phantom, go to Boogiepop Old and New. Ok, so the Imaginator arc wrapped. Then the Dawn of Boogiepop wrapped. Nagi is a genuine superhero on par... Continue Reading →

Don’t Tell Me You’re Busy

The Dihedral comes up with some interesting stuff. This is a post about the philosophy of the anti-iconic television doctor House, MD and how it applies to life.

In Honor of “Free Solo” It was just the greatest accomplishment in the history of free climbing. One of the greatest accomplshments in  athletics of any kind. You get to decide for yourself if the movie was about courage and determination or unhealthy... Continue Reading →

Brexit – definitely NSFW!

How the hell can Brexit not be suitable for work? This woman managed it. Makes me wish I were British.

Deep Creek changes.

If you are not a southern CA resident, this article probably doesn't interest you. I understand that Bowen Ranch is reducing the time they are open and considering eliminating the camping option on their property.  (The info is on Continue Reading →

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