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Shin Sekai Yori – The Lessons of the Bonobos (Countdown to Halloween)

Too many interesting things all at once to post!

A whole bunch of exciting thigs have happened all at once. Just like when too many people try to get through a small door, nobody can get through. The biggest news is that I have found my biological family thru... Continue Reading →

Just some Random Nude Theater.

This is just a shoutout to the Two Roads Theater in Studio City for their regular sponsoring of nude entertainment. It is a source of fellowship within the nudie community. As you can see from their FB page, they primarily... Continue Reading →

Apparently, young people are in a sex recession????

Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex? The Atlantic - Kate Julian Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a sex recession. This article is pretty wild and something... Continue Reading →

Art and Violence — irevuo

Could art influence people in such a way that they start shooting each other? Do we absorb the violence we see in movies and video games? Do we try to apply what is made make-believe in the real world? It... Continue Reading →

The Darkness that is Noir

Noir means black in French. It is also used to describe a style of film making with cynicism, moral ambiguity and pessimism. Characters in noir are typically hard boiled, unsentimental and Machiavellian. Heroes have more than a bit of the... Continue Reading →

The Jewish nurse who rushed to save the life of the anti-semite. . . This is in her own words. I felt it was too important not to share. . Ari Mahler November 3 at 2:38 PM . I am The Jewish Nurse. Yes, that Jewish Nurse. The same one that... Continue Reading →

My Election Year Rant.

Personally, I think it is time we took back the label of “Patriot” from the likes of Trump. It can be done without ever mentioning his name or using a single pejorative. Doing so only increases polarization. We are patriots… Continue Reading →

My New Antidepressant (Very heartwarming!)

Since I have retired, I have gone back into substitute teaching. In California one must have a 4 years degree and have passed the CBEST. They'd like a sub to at least be able to match high school students' mastery... Continue Reading →

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