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Some extreme social distancing here…

I can't get enough of this. I've always wanted to do Naked and Afraid. I periodically have to empty out my bucket list because its full of things that are no longer possible. This is one of those bucket list... Continue Reading →

The Rules for Going Outdoors During Coronavirus

From Outside Online: All of us want to get outdoors right now. With the advice of a public health and infectious disease expert, here’s how you can do so safely and responsibly.   Stay safe out there!

Stay the Fuck at Home!

Just some music appropriate for these trying times....

Since we can’t go to the theater anymore…

I have assembled a collection of show tunes. All have been performed on stage and many are also feature length movies. Even included something from Disney. This one is Defying Gravity by Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth from Wicked, a... Continue Reading →

The desert is looking really good right now.

It looks like next week will be really nice weather. Unfortunately, I just got the word that LA County has closed all beaches and trails.  I don't think that would include National Forest land, but what the hell. I'll head... Continue Reading →

Chanson d’Olympia ~ Inking Video

via Chanson d’Olympia ~ Inking Video

Light Humor for Heavy Times

Walden and Social Distancing

What ‘Walden’ can tell us about social distancing and focusing on life’s essentials As governments mandate social distancing to protect public health, many readers may be coming to grips with solitude. Thoreau devotes a chapter to it, extolling the virtue of... Continue Reading →

Sespe Creek via Tar Creek Trail

Slightly NSFW... I have been blogging since long before WordPress even existed. This is an old post, from 2006 when I had a web page. I was trying to form up a local nude hiking group I called the Canyon... Continue Reading →

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