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COVID Strikes Back – Happy Mother’s Day?

Bad news for the family. Found out last Sunday. My granddaughter and son-in-law have both come down with COVID. He and my daughter are fully vaccinated but of course, the baby is not. Baby developed a fever and discomfort so... Continue Reading →

Land of Pain

This is a long and boring discussion of the war in Ukraine. If you're a military geek like me, you might find it interesting. Otherwise, skip it or just look at the pictures. It is really a series of essays... Continue Reading →

The Naked Violinist

A brilliant young violinist heads off to the Royal Academy of Music to fulfill his dreams. A boy who needs to please everyone. And then he is taken on by the London Symphony. There's only one problem. The pressure to... Continue Reading →

A Sad Feeling

Image from: Professor Adrian Wilson, Knee and Sports Injury Specialists I haven't been able to hike much this year. Back in January I did something to my knee. I was getting on a bicycle to go for a ride with... Continue Reading →

They’re baaaaak!

Last year we had a family of mourning doves move into a basket on a shelf under the back patio awning. They raised two clutches of eggs and then left. We emptied the basket out after they had left and... Continue Reading →

More Cars – Heavy sigh!

I mentioned last time all the difficulty we've been having with cars. One was stolen and then recovered. One was stolen and completely stripped. One was totaled by an inattentive driver making a left turn without looking. The saga continues.... Continue Reading →

Can you love me naked? – Ella Mai A powerful, beautiful, song about accepting another's rough spots and jagged edges. Take away the big shirts, the tattoos, the sweatpants and VansOkay, I don't wear no makeup, no purse in my handsMy resting bitch face is mistaken for... Continue Reading →

A beautiful duet on ice — Phil Ebersole’s Blog Guys, this is the most beautiful skating video I have ever seen. The athletes are stunning in their coordination and grace. This particular version of "The Sound of Silence" is compelling. The duet requires perfect communication, but the song... Continue Reading →

Sowing the Wind

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up. - Hosea 8:7 The war has gotten... Continue Reading →

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