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The Detective Is Already Dead

So far this season I have not seen a lot of knock-out shows. One anime that has seriously caught my attention is "The Detective Is Already Dead." Spoilers for the first three episodes! That's an odd rifle she's holding. Looks... Continue Reading →

Yellow Submarine — Hobo Moon Cartoons Happy Birthday 2021, Ringo! The Beatles (1968) Music video by The Beatles performing Yellow SubmarineYellow Submarine is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1966 album Revolver. It was also issued on a double A-side... Continue Reading →


Are you languishing? It seems that languishing is an actual psychological term. It was coined by a sociologist, Corey Keys, to describe a state of chronic low energy, unhappiness, and a state of ennui that doesn't quite meet the definition... Continue Reading →

Blog Changes

You may have noticed most of my blog isn't there any more. Over the weekend I was overwhelmed by a need to start over. So all my old posts are gone. I still have them and someday I may republish... Continue Reading →

Hot Time in the Old Town

The weather this week has been brutal. The last hike I did in the upper 80s left me heat-stressed despite drinking lots of water. I stop exerting any effort at all in the 90s. In the 100s all I begin... Continue Reading →


One of my favorite things but something I'm usually out of. The have been more than a few songs about that condition, so I guess I'm not alone. Here are a few I really like. Originally written and recorded... Continue Reading →

Personal updates

You probably aren't interested in what's happening in my personal life but I think there are some very interesting things happening. So as not to bury the lead, my daughter is pregnant. There's no official date but probably November-December. She... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of Yard Work

I've been working on our back yard with my son-in-law. The wife wants various pads poured. a new storage shed built, sprinklers put in, landscaping done, etc. I have no personal need for any of it except the shed. It... Continue Reading →

A New Memorial Day Post

I lack the skill to properly express my feeling on a day like this. The level of sacrifice given by our soldiers is not something people at peace understand. A soldier's duty is to protect the well-being of their country.... Continue Reading →

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