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Relationship Advice From 19th Century Novels — irevuo

  This would have been an interesting counterpoit to the OWLS "Lover" tour... There’s no doubt about the fact that art influences the way we experience reality. In fact, art is so influential that it affects the way we understand... Continue Reading →

More weather.

Oh my stars! Southern California inland basins are going to get hard freezes, down to 26F (-3.33 C), the earliest in the year I can remember this happening. That's going to hurt agriculture and in the coldest areas pipes could... Continue Reading →

Chihayafuru – ちはやふる

I have waited 6 years for this. Twenty-five more episodes of a sports anime done right! (See Chihayafuru season 1 and 2.) Spoilers! Chihaya Ayase is one of the most beautiful bishoujo ever to grace my monitor. The writing in... Continue Reading →

MAMMARIES… — TheDustSeason

October is breast cancer awareness month. Some things speak for themselves….this isn’t one of those things. This thing kind of screeches. Consider yourself warned. And thus, Val-Kiri’s ride through breast cancer radiation treatment is complete. It hasn’t been... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween

Featured image is from Nat Geo: Why Do We Celebrate Halloween? There's a Halloween themed nudie show at the Two Roads Theater coming up on November 8th. Alan has always allowed the audience to come up and perform little skits.... Continue Reading →

Damn! Here we go again.

Our sky is heavy with smoke and the sun is going orange. They evacuated the school I was subbing at. There are power outages all over the region. Ninety degree heat, 30 mph wind, humidity ranging between 2 and 9... Continue Reading →

Fantasy and Friction

This month’s topic is “fantasy” and all that word implies. We may be in for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride here.

Gender fluidity and social nudity.

This are two interesting posts for me to share. In the WNBR we had trans people participate and nobody thought twice. The LBTQIA+ community in cities on the west coast has been wholely embraced by us nudies. An important share... Continue Reading →

The Story of My Blister.

There has been a dearth of anime in my life as of late. Nothing in the new season has excited me enough to write home about. The latest season of MHA is interesting but so many other people are writing... Continue Reading →

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