Yes, Virginia, the World IS Getting Warmer.

I really wanted to do a new hike blog but I have been trapped here by the heat. (I suppose I could do a blog about a night hike but there would be no photos.) The weather has been insane, with temps constantly in triple digits since early June (it is now August 7.) A…Read more Yes, Virginia, the World IS Getting Warmer.

Kireina Josei, きれいな女性

I love the pleasure of watching anime where the female protagonist is a fully mature woman who is strong, competent and beautiful. Not talking bishoujo here. We're talking the real deal, kireina josei. They are out there in anime land. Perhaps outnumbered in anime by the bishies ten to one but they still shine! Utsukushii…Read more Kireina Josei, きれいな女性

Yama No Susume 2nd Season

Finally found season 2 on the "Soul-Anime" site. (Watchanime had it but then it disappeared.) They extended the length to 13:30 but without the intro and extro, the actual running time is 10:30. This time 26 episodes, a real testament to how well the original went over. Still enough sugariness to make one go look…Read more Yama No Susume 2nd Season

Making Your Coming Out as a Naturist — Naked and Happy

You are a naturist, but no one from your friends and family knows! You dream of spending days naked, but do not know how to ask your friends! You keep going to the nudist beach all by yourself, while you wish to be accompanied. These are some situations that some naturists live, due to the… via…Read more Making Your Coming Out as a Naturist — Naked and Happy

A Study in Violet

Violet Evergarden. What is not to love about this anime? The art is spectacular. The plot is deeply moving. The theme is all about healing even the most terrible of wounds. I never thought it was sad because her arc never stopped pushing forward. I am so happy for her! This anime has a lot…Read more A Study in Violet

Encouragement of Climb (Yama no Susume) Season One

Excuse me, I'm about to overdose on sweetness. Encouragement of Climb is the anime you show your young girls to get them excited about the outdoors, specifically peak bagging. Moe piled upon moe. Overload of cuteness. Each ep. is a whopping 3 minutes long plus 30 sec. for the closing, all 12 of them. Cute Girls…Read more Encouragement of Climb (Yama no Susume) Season One