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It is Memorial Day. Be happy.

Photo from Memorial day is a Day of rememberence. It is a day of mourning - but it is also a day of celebration. Even as we are sad for the sacrifices of the fallen, it needs to be... Continue Reading →

Courage – from The Dihedral

Sometimes the greatest display of courage can be seen in simply keeping calm and carrying on!. Courage - from The Dihedral You didn’t pick for the world to fall to pieces, and you didn’t make it this far overnight, you... Continue Reading →


Our solar panels have been installed and are up and running. Yay! It took a while. From when we talked to the solar rep., it was a month to the panel install. Then it was another month to the electrical... Continue Reading →

300 + 17 +58 + ?

I seem to have passed 300 WP followers on this blog. I can add in another 17 email only followers. Never thought I'd get there. I have a second blog, I'm Not Dead Yet. It started out as a way... Continue Reading →

Super Cub

Some sorta spoilers ahead... First, lets get warmed up! This should get you into the spirit... Or maybe not. How about this? No, that's definitely not it. This might be closer... None of these quite get the... Continue Reading →

Redrock Canyon

I am NOT going all the way to Redrock Mountain. Red is my trail, mostly down the center of the creek. The red is from 2016. Those blue lines are how the trail was recorded in 2013. Click on any... Continue Reading →

Funimation FUBAR?

Uh... Funimation... WTF? The link to "Mars Red" worked yesterday. I am successfully logged in. I did not move overseas. Don't make me send my VPN after you! If I go online and search for any episode and go there... Continue Reading →

Worn Stories

Netflix created a series about people and the articles of clothing they hold dear. The first episode is titled "Community" and is about how clothing -or the lack thereof - can pull people together. One of the topics they tackled... Continue Reading →


Tuesday I went on another one of my nakie hikes. So be warned, there's some slightly NSFW stuff up ahead! The featured photo is the tracking record made by my SPoT Communicator. Every 10 minutes it makes a record of... Continue Reading →

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