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The Colorgasm that is Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Demon Slayer is one of the current crop of spring anime. There are currently 8 episodes up. The first three episodes didn't get me excited. Then something about episode 4 changed my mind. Maybe it was because we'd got past... Continue Reading →

It is Memorial Day. Be happy.

Photo from Memorial day is a Day of rememberence. It is a day of mourning - but it is also a day of celebration. Even as we are sad for the sacrifices of the fallen, it needs to be... Continue Reading →

Screenshots – how I get them.

I'm trying new technology for viewing and reviewing anime. My latest idea is to record the anime using a screen capture program called Snagit. This occupies the computer while you are doing the snagging. When using it to capture video,... Continue Reading →

r#134 — okko’s inn

This is shared from Moe404, the anime blog Okko's Inn My wife and I enjoyed the movie a lot and I'd recommend it to anyone. Warning! If you have a heart it may bring tears to your eyes. If an... Continue Reading →

Thinking about Irina’s post on Haters.

Irina has a post up, In Defense of Haters. I think she is being remarkably generous. Obviously she is not a hater of any kind. I have a theory but no evidence. I suspect most social media negativity comes because... Continue Reading →

Liz and the Blue Bird – and some other stuff.

Mild spoilers This anime season is coming to an end. AOT has just released the most incredible episode of the season. Watch it. It is epic. It is  powerful. Reminds of a great poem by a great poet: The Charge... Continue Reading →

March Comes in Like a Lion

I was led to believe this was a story about a young shogi player fighting thru the ranks. Well, it sort of was but it took so many turns along the way involving other characters that it almost wasn't. Modest... Continue Reading →

Recovering from Trauma and the Reinvention of the Self

That's a cheery title! Hope I haven't frightened off too many people. I just read a book entitled "Surviving Survival" by Laurence Gonzales. It is an interesting read on what happens after people have endured traumatic events or extended traumatic... Continue Reading →

Just Another Other — from the Dihedral

Click the link at the bottom. Exactly the same things were said of my generation. And now it is my generation saying it. Human nature doesn't change, just the environment those humans interact with. Most of us do not accept... Continue Reading →

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