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Featured image from the National Post Time is not a possession. It is a companion, always there and unavoidable. You cannot buy it. You will die when you die. You cannot sell it nor can you purchase more if you... Continue Reading →

First Hike of Spring

The Weather Service predicted a short window of warm and sunny today so I took it. Spent a few hours wandering around the trails N. of Castaic. I was amazed at the number of cars I saw at the trailhead.... Continue Reading →

Don’t be afraid to fall into that dark pit. You are already in it.

If you have ever been depressed, ever felt like dying would be preferable to any life you could imagine, read this: Martha Kennedy - The Tunnel

Life Under Lockdown

Third week of social distancing. Sigh. The last time I did anything that involved close contact with another human was the final exam for the docent position at the local nature center.  (I passed but they shut the place down... Continue Reading →

The Rest of Evangelion – Not Everyone is Broken

I struggle to this day to figure out the meaning of the final episodes of Evangelion. They were so unpopular the studio received hate mail and the director death threats. Suffice it to say the author was a profoundly disturbed... Continue Reading →

One Star Reviews

And don't forget that right now the national parks are free! Comedy Break: North Carolina illustrator creates National Parks passion project based on 1-star reviews and it's absolutely fantastic      

Dispatches from Elsewhere

If you were going to watch any show on cable this year, I'd recommend Dispatches from Elsewhere on AMC. Four people get involved in a mysterious game. They follow clues left for them across the city to solve mysteries. Each... Continue Reading →

Finally taking COVID-19 seriously.

According to Gavin Newsom, our glorious CA Governor, I am supposed to go into self-imposed isolation.  City of LA has shut down all entertainment venues and gyms. Restaurants are only allowed takeout meals. The courts are shut down. Most nonessential... Continue Reading →

A Geeky Gal makes my day!

I want to thank Megan at a Geeky Gal for nominating me. I adore her good nature and sense of humor. I like these awards posts because they are excuses to do something different. The rulz! Thank the blogger that... Continue Reading →

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