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A Certain Magical Confusion.

Spoilage alert! A Certain Magical Index 3 is out and I'm up thru ep. 6. I don't think I'll watch any more. The show has lost all of its original charm and gotten very dark and confusing. Dark I can... Continue Reading →

Zoku Owarimonogatari

Is anyone else as jazzed as I am that a new member of the Monogatari franchise has arrived? Zoku started showing in theaters in Japan on Nov. 10. The story is set just after graduation. It will eventually be released... Continue Reading →

[OWLS Blog Tour]: Thank You, Stan Lee

Original post: ARCHIE ANIME Stan Lee was  part of my childhood - and that was 50+ years ago. He brought me more happiness than Disney ever could and the stories in Marvel comics were more important to the development of... Continue Reading →

The Darkness that is Noir

Noir means black in French. It is also used to describe a style of film making with cynicism, moral ambiguity and pessimism. Characters in noir are typically hard boiled, unsentimental and Machiavellian. Heroes have more than a bit of the... Continue Reading →

Fires (Updated 11-11)

Last year it was the Thomas fire that stretched from west of Fillmore to almost Santa Barbara. Just happened to occur at the peak of fire season at the same time as three other smaller fires. The Thomas fire was... Continue Reading →

The Jewish nurse who rushed to save the life of the anti-semite. . . This is in her own words. I felt it was too important not to share. . Ari Mahler November 3 at 2:38 PM . I am The Jewish Nurse. Yes, that Jewish Nurse. The same one that... Continue Reading →

My Election Year Rant.

Personally, I think it is time we took back the label of “Patriot” from the likes of Trump. It can be done without ever mentioning his name or using a single pejorative. Doing so only increases polarization. We are patriots… Continue Reading →

My New Antidepressant (Very heartwarming!)

Since I have retired, I have gone back into substitute teaching. In California one must have a 4 years degree and have passed the CBEST. They'd like a sub to at least be able to match high school students' mastery... Continue Reading →

OWLS: Grotesque

This post regards the subject of "grotesque" in anime, my Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self Respect subject for Halloween. I am not here to discuss 19th century sans serif typefaces. Grotesque means ugly, however you want to look at... Continue Reading →

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