The Secret to Happiness.

It's really quite simple. Really. A happy person is one who sees beauty all around them. Every time you see something beautiful, you get a little burst of happy juice. The more beautiful things you see, the happier you'll be. (Looking in the mirror is nice but not a good single solution.) I suppose one way…Read more The Secret to Happiness.

Old Heroes: The Heroism of “Mere Survival”

Sometimes there is heroism in just staying alive. Reblogged from Martha Ann Kennedy’s blog, “I’m a Writer, Yes, I Am!” You really should look at all her other stuff. It is great!

I'm a Writer, Yes, I Am!

The Heroism of Mere Survival: Old Heroes
Smart lad, to slip betimes away
From fields where glory does not stay, (Housman)

First Fish
In my geology class at the university of Colorado back in 1972, I learned about the Crossopterygii, a prehistoric lobe-finned, lung fish; its descendants are all of us, but its most direct and (conservative or cowardly) descendants are dubiously hailed as “living fossils.”

As my professor lectured I imagined a fish determined to escape the slowly drying swamps. He was scared, tentative, and lonely. On his way out, he turned back to his wife, pleading with her to join him. “Honey! Come on. It will be ok.”

She answered (in my story), “You’re crazy! We’ll die! We’re fish!” (Here I will point out that every animal was fish, fish food or both.)

“Look around you! We’re going to die down there. Look at all those corpses!”…

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Deep Creek Hot Springs Hike

I haven't actually blogged about a specific hike yet. I figure this is as good a time as any. Last Saturday I went on a hike with three different groups to a lovely spot east of Apple Valley in the San Bernardino mountains. Deep Creek is an extremely popular clothing optional hiking destination. I have met people from…Read more Deep Creek Hot Springs Hike

The Wild Child Grows Old

From a while ago....   I’m on a long solo hike. I’m naked - but the good part starts when I forget I’m naked - I just exist. It becomes the default state. The world shrinks to the sun on my back, cool wind across sweat, the relentless pendulum of my legs. The sounds of the birds…Read more The Wild Child Grows Old

Meet Charlotte and her web

This is Charlotte  - Charlie for short. She is a female daddy longlegs spider, aka cellar spider, family Pholcidae. I've been watching her since she was a tiny spiderling who happened to show up in the corner outside a window. My, my, they grow up so fast!     It is a good place for her. It is…Read more Meet Charlotte and her web