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A Christmas Memory

Oh! Look at who my wife found sleeping under our Christmas tree. I guess Santa had a little bit too much eggnog.

This is our future.

The year 2020 is nearing an end. Our annus horribilis concludes. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but we can't be absolutely certain it is an opening. It might be an oncoming train but probably not.... Continue Reading →

California Riding and Hiking Trail

My next big scheme has percolated into my brain. I've been looking at Joshua Tree National Park closely. There is a trail from the entrance at Black Rock Campground to the Northern Entrance Station known as the California Riding and... Continue Reading →

That time I was a male exotic dancer.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that in my 20s, I had a sideline of stripping for parties. It wasn't difficult to get into. I'd done amateur musicals and nude modeling and taken a modern dance class in... Continue Reading →

The Future of Spaceflight

Well... sort of. Space X tested prototype Serial Number 8 of its "Starship" upper stage on Wednesday. They'd tried to launch on Tuesday but there was a scrub at T-1.3 seconds because one of the engines didn't like something. Kind... Continue Reading →

A Crying Jag

Today I looked for my Osprey Aether 58 backpack in its storage place in my garage. ("58" refers to the total internal volume in liters but you can always strap additional gear to the outside. I'm hoping to do some... Continue Reading →

Thankful Tag

Who wouldn't be thankful for those two? I thought I'd do a real simple tag. If it falls flat on its face, oh well! It is simple. The usual. Thank the person who tagged you and link back. Create a... Continue Reading →

Fish Canyon Narrows… again.

The 17th was National Hiking Day! I decided to head back into the wilds north of Castaic lake to visit a little-known gem knows as Fish Canyon Narrows. North of Castaic in the Sierra Pelona, I'm hiking to the southernmost... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger from Unpopular Poplar

I was nominated for this by the Unpopular Poplar to whom I pay thanks. Head on over and give them a look. There's some interesting stuff there. This is like the 4th time I've responded to this tag. The rules... Continue Reading →

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