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Some Humor

Lately I have been completely bereft of desire to write. Probably going thru a phase. It may be that a month from now, I'll be cranking out a dozen posts a month. Or maybe I'll stop posting entirely. Who knows?... Continue Reading →

To Sail Beyond the Sunset: Nomadland

Tennyson's greatest work, IMHO, is "Ulysses." In it, he portrays an older man looking back at a life of adventure and challenge. He is unwilling to go softly into that night of age and diminished capacity. Instead, he looks for... Continue Reading →

Just watched Re: Zero

OMG! What an amazing episode. All kinds of arcs wrapped up in such spectacular fashions! Did I say it was spectacular? It is beyond spectacular. I'm not going to tell you the plot. You already know the characters. Just watch... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

I thought I'd just post a few YouTube blogs by some of my favorite female YouTubers. I will just let the brilliance of these women speak for themselves. Here we have a trifecta of women who are physicists. Physics has... Continue Reading →

OMG! Starship does it!

Well... sort of. Scott Manley gives us the glorious play-by-play. OOPS! Wrong Starship! But maybe it is a kind of a miracle. Be sure to watch thru to T+15 minutes. Surprise! Ok... maybe that link didn't work right.... Continue Reading →

Yuru Camp – The perfect anime for the times

I've written about Yuru Camp before. Yuru Camp follows the adventures of a group of girls who have formed the Outdoor Club to enjoy cool weather camping in Japan

The Invasion of Mars!

In rapid succession we have 3 different probes reaching Mars close together. First we had the United Arab Emirates probe "Hope," launched aboard a Japanese booster. It will study the Martian atmosphere. Among other things we need to understand how... Continue Reading →

Laissez-faire Existentialism

In a nutshell, this is what existential despair is all about. Deep thoughts - but that's not how life works. Life is really about getting up in the morning and getting on with things. Lots of boring things, some downright... Continue Reading →

La Maison en Petits Cubes – a 2008 Japanese animated short

I found this gem on the Hobo Moon Cartoons blog site. Why not go over there and find out what else he has? It's a good one for difficult to find animation. La Maison en Petits Cubes is a... Continue Reading →

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