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Fire… again.

Photograph: Myung J Chun/Los Angeles Times/Rex/Shutterstock Welcome to Southern California! This is the first really big fire of the year for us. The featured image is the view looking north from Santa Clarita. The "Lake Fire" is burning through steep... Continue Reading →

Bill Watterson: a cartoonist’s advice — Phil Ebersole’s Blog

Click on BILL WATTERSON: A cartoonist’s advice for background on this tribute to the creator of Calvin and Hobbes by Gavin Aung Than of ZEN PENCILS. Click on Calvin and Hobbes at Martijns for Bill Watterson’s 1990 commencement speech at... Continue Reading →

For the Adventurous Among Us

The featured image for this post was created by the National Park Service for its visitors. Now, many of the parks in my neck of the woods are insanely hot this time of year but there are still places with... Continue Reading →

Gal and Dino

Gal and Dino is supposed to be a funny, low budget anime about a very stylish girl who gets drunk and brings a small dinosaur home with her. Dino soon learns to become stylish himself. Neither would be welcome around... Continue Reading →


Back in 1964, the US launched the first probe to Mars, Mariner 3. Then in 1976, we sent the first lander, Viking 1. Then Sojourner, the first rover, launched in 1995 and landed in 1997. We have kind of made... Continue Reading →

Made in Abyss Movie 3: Dawn of the Deep Soul. Plus Subaru finds some peace.

Spoiler alert! Just not very big spoilers. First, let me say I just watched Episode 29 from Re: Zero. It was an intense episode. He confronts his past in which he feels useless and a failure. And manages to rewrite... Continue Reading →

This sounds interesting…

Who needs horror movies? Why not try the real thing?

How Not to Write a Demon Lord Story

There have been a few good Demon Lord anime of late. Overlord, Misfit of Demon Acadamy, and That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime.  (I consider Slime to be a top demon lord anime.) I read Irina's post about... Continue Reading →

Railgun “Dream Ranker” arc is here!

It's back! A Certain Scientific Railgun T is here with the new arc, Dream Ranker. A whole new opening and close too. Now my life is complete! Can you imagine a world in which the police force consists of super-powered... Continue Reading →

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