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A brief history of Boogiepop Phantom thru ep 6.

SPOILERS!   Episode 1 - There is a pillar of light that causes massive electrical disruption, including frying a lot of electronics. There is a girl who regrets never having confessed to her love. Now she starts seeing his ghost.... Continue Reading →

Hi! My name is Andy.

"We come in peace!" said the strange looking alien to the assembled dignitaries. Seconds later, the shell (fired from an M1 Abrams hiding over ten miles away) scored a direct hit on the alien's fragile body, vaporizing it. Space Ambassador... Continue Reading →

Self care?

I'm having a bit of a bad time right now. A couple days ago my wife's best friend buried her mother.  I buried my mother in law in January. I buried my biological mother in December.  None of them went... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Porn

Porn, in the more generalized sense, is that which you watch that greatly excites you. It may well be a guilty pleasure for many - but then I never intentionally do things for which I'd feel genuinely guilty. The internet... Continue Reading →

Space IS the Final Frontier – Part One of a Series.

Once upon a time, courageous people climbed into tin cans mounted atop thin metal tubes filled with high explosive cryogenic liquids. The tubes and tin cans were amazingly complex machines with hundreds of thousands of parts and separate processes, every... Continue Reading →

Ch-ch-ch-changes (Now Suitable For Work)

(If you want to buy the poster above, please go to Fine Art America.) Part 1 A boy grows up and becomes a man.  Ch-ch-changes happen. Muscles appear, the result of physical maturity and hard work at the gym.... Continue Reading →

Another day, another death in the family.

I am about to bury my mother-in-law. She was just over a hundred years old. I knew her for longer than I knew my adoptive mother, who died at 55. I have buried many people. My biological mother died a... Continue Reading →

Aspie Goggles

Asperger's syndrome is considered by many in the US to be the same as high functioning autism. The DSM-5 classifies it this way.  The World Health Organisation differs and still thinks the Asperger classification to be useful.   I prefer... Continue Reading →

The discovery of my new family.

I was adopted long ago, when I was 3 months old. At the time in Michigan, the adoption process is conducted with secrecy comparable to the Manhattan Project. I suspect the FBI might be able to crack the secrecy but… Continue Reading →

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