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300 + 17 +58 + ?

I seem to have passed 300 WP followers on this blog. I can add in another 17 email only followers. Never thought I'd get there. I have a second blog, I'm Not Dead Yet. It started out as a way... Continue Reading →

The relative success of a blog post.

I have been perusing my past bogs and looking at numbers. Specifically, the number of comments, views, and likes. In the featured image above, there is a lot of irregularity. Some of it is due to successful blog posts. Some... Continue Reading →

Past Imperfect – #582 — Bonnywood Manor

Fair warning: This one is twisted, even for me… Daughter, far left: “Mother, he’s doing it again.” Mother, near left: “Who is doing what, dear?” Daughter: “Father. He’s staring at me again. In that way that we talked about.” Mother:... Continue Reading →

Search Engine Optimization

This is about the easy aspects of search engine optimization for a WordPress blog.

Stupid Computer!

Image from Stupid Computers I haven't been doing a lot of deep posts lately. Many of them are short commentaries on articles I found interesting or sharing other people's posts. And not that much on anime. One reason is that... Continue Reading →

The Glory of WordPress Statistics

  I find the analysis of blogging statistics to be entertaining. Especially when they are counterintuitive. This is the record of the top number of views over the last week and the most common search terms. This tells me a... Continue Reading →

Thinking about Irina’s post on Haters.

Irina has a post up, In Defense of Haters. I think she is being remarkably generous. Obviously she is not a hater of any kind. I have a theory but no evidence. I suspect most social media negativity comes because... Continue Reading →

Thinking about likes and follows

I need more reader interaction. Especially comments. Blogging is a lonely world. You don't ever meet the people who have caught your interest. You don't get to go hiking with them or visit for tea or meet up anywhere. There... Continue Reading →

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